A governor who supported Ignacio Torres now asks to put “cold cloths” and leave the “complaint” about the inheritance received.


While Ignacio “Nacho” Torres and Axel Kicillof reheated this Monday the already tense relationship between the Government and the provinces, the radical Leandro Zdero, of Chaco, seemed to choose another path when asking “put “cold cloths” to the confrontation and leave aside the “complaint” for the inheritance received, in the case of the new governors.

Zdero’s statements they caught the attention Since it was one of the many in coming out to support Torres last Friday, when it was learned that Casa Rosada withheld part of the co-shareable funds that correspond to Chubut as part of the debt that the province maintains with the Nation, and that Torres denounced that they did not allow him to refinance . But the Chacoño was subtle: sign the statement of the leaders who emerged from Together for Change, although we do not share it on their networks.

Zdero traveled to Buenos Aires this Monday to participate in a meeting at the Federal Investment Council where at the end he made statements to the press. Earlier, he had been received by the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, at Casa Rosada.

“I think that you have to put cold cloths, it seems to me that at this moment a lot of dialogue is necessary, find the common denominator, posed the Chaco native, consulted about the disputes opened by Chubut and Buenos Aires with the Nation.

Zdero indicated in turn that the country’s situation “is not for setbacks, nor for looking askance at us” and, instead, he said that we must “stand back to back.”

Leandro Zdero asked for “cold cloths” in the dispute between the Nation and the provinces. Photo Marcelo Carroll

And then he slid what seemed to be. a differentiation with their fellow governors, who also took office on December 10. “I am in a broken provincethat they gave us melted; if I’m going to start complaining of everything they left me, the truth is that “I will not be able to govern.”he pointed out.

The Chaco native said that he received a province with debts when he succeeded Jorge Capitanich as governor. “We are trying to organize. We find ourselves with a province that left debts, only debts, I have debt in dollars, in fiduciaries, in pesos”, he lists.

And he insisted: “We have to put cold cloths, talk, tender bridges“Argentina requires that maturity.”

He said that for him in Chaco, Capitanich’s opposition makes him “sticks in the wheel every day”but he will continue working. “We have been the government in the province for three months. What they did not solve in 16 years It will not be possible to solve it in three months, let’s be patient“We all found a way to see how to improve Argentina,” he added.

About the meeting with francsHe maintained that he usually has “a very sincere dialogue”With the minister. He said that this Monday was “a very mature talk As always, working on refinancing” because, he revealed, “Chaco is a province that has been compromised.”

Meanwhile, in a message on his X account, the minister described the meeting as “a good conversation.” He added that they talked about “the serious problems inherited from the chaco and we highlight the importance of establishing a constructive dialogue to find solutions that promote the development of the country”.

Chaco’s debt with the Nation

As revealed ClarionIn addition to Chubut, according to a list from the Ministry of Economy, ten other districts have a debt with the Nation, governed by leaders from different political spaces: five Peronists, two radicals, one from the PRO and two from local parties.

According to the data from the portfolio led by Luis Caputo, in the table of debt for the Provincial Development Trust Fund which Chubut leads with $119,091 million also appear Tucumán, Chaco and Salta among the main ones. The first two advanced with refinancing agreements.

Chaco, governed by Leandro Zdero, owes $63.45 billion. The radical signed the statement from the leaders of Together for Change, in which they supported Torres and demanded that the Nation “comply with the Constitution and urgently send the shared resources” to Chubut.

The governor of Neuquén also asked for “dialogue”

Rolando Figueroa, governor of Neuquén, along with his counterpart from Río Negro, Alberto Weretilneck.

In the midst of the tension between the national Executive and the provinces due to the withdrawal of funds, the governor of Neuquén, Rolando Figueroa, questioned the cuts this Monday, but asked for dialogue between the parties to reach an agreement, due to an “unfavorable context”.

We have to dialogue and understand what the context is. in which one is living. Dialogue is the way, but we also have constitutional bodies that democracy gives us, such as the National Congress and Justice, with which there are various ways in which we can raise the different problems that we may have,” he said.

However, Figueroa highlighted the solidarity between the Patagonian leaders and assured that they will not allow “Never let a colleague and colleague be drowned in any way,” alluding to the intersection between the President and Torres.

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