A new survey came out with key data in favor of Milei in his fight with the opposition


he factaccording to Clarionwas used by an advisor/spokesperson to tell his client/deputy that revise his propensity to criticize Javier Milei in the media. It was not a question of principles or ideological debate but pure pragmatism: a new survey in which the rejected from Together for Change appeared completely aligned with the new president. The legislator who heard the suggestion, of course, belongs to that opposition space.

This newspaper accessed that study. And beyond the anecdote, it is interesting to analyze. Because would explain -would help understand- why the majority of Macrista, radical and Peronist ex-JxC leaders make an effort to show themselves to be dialogue-oriented and cooperatives with the mega reform project, synthesized as the “Omnibus Law.”

The survey is Fixative, which has been around for a few years now and has clients on both sides of the political divide. Between the 20th and 25th of this month, she made a national online relevance of 1,910 cases, with +/- 2.3% margin of error. It was one of the consultants that best predicted the different instances of the last presidential election.

Image of Milei, inflation and DNU

The report you accessed Clarion It basically has three parts. On the one hand, the usual ranking of images of the main leaders; and on the other, two specific topics are addressed: DNU deregulation of the economy and rresponsibility for current inflation.

In the three cases, when the results are discriminated according to the vote in the general election, it is symptomatic how the opinions of the followers of La Libertad Avanza are similar to those of Together for Change. Both are stuck together and with the voters of Unión por la Patria in front of them.

Refering to image tableMilei is up, but with a drop compared to December. This decline has already been alerted by other surveys.

In the numbers of Fixativethe President combines in January 46% positive and 50% negative. In December, the ratio was + 49% and – 40%. Alert.

But beyond that drop, the most substantial thing comes with the discriminated data: there, the libertarians surveyed they give you a 88% positive to the president and those from Together, 78%. those of Union for the HomelandInstead, they see it almost entirely negative (98%).

When asked about DNU and the rresponsibility for inflation Today, the relationship is even tighter.

In the first case, those who agree with the decree among the libertarians they come to 86% and among those of Together, at 81%.

In the second, both 87% of Milei voters and 84% of Bullrich voters believe that the main person responsible for the current price increase is the “Alberto Fernández government.”

The look of the voters K remains here well in the another path. 98% of them disagree with the DNU and 68% believe that the main person responsible for the current inflation is the “Javier Milei government.”

This Wednesday/Thursday vote in Deputies with the Omnibus Law will surely be a test to what extent this support from the Juntos a Milei candidates is reflected in the chamber.

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