After approaching the governors of the north, the Government is looking for a key vote in the Senate.


One day after reestablishing a bridge with the northern governors facing the legislative agenda, the Minister of the Interior Guillermo Francos seeks communicating vessels with representatives provincials that until now had been elusive to shield the Executive’s projects in Congress.

The political minister –firm as a “statue curler”“, according to the sayings of Javier Milei – received the senator from Neuquén in his office this Wednesday Lucila Crexell.

The legislator had been very critical of the libertarian administration and in January decided – in agreement with the governor Rolando Figueroa the formation of a monobloc to defend the interests of its province. Before, the Cambia Federal block chaired by the man from Salta broke Juan Carlos Romero.

Crexell attacked the Government for the failure of the omnibus law and remembered, in the face of the President’s permanent grievances, that the Legislative Branch can remove the president. At the end of December he had anticipated that the Mega-DNU that sanctioned the President could collapse in Congress. “There is a high probability that This can be turned around that a DNU was never turned around. It was like when Macri appointed the two ministers of the Court by decree,” compared the former senator from the Neuquén Popular Movement and JxC.

In the Government they believe that Crexell’s votes in the Upper House are worth double precisely due to the parity between the votes that the ruling party and the opposition can gather, just when Kirchnerism gathers friends to overturn the DNU and the ruling party has just put into office the bicameral commission.

Crexell, who had approached JxC in 2019 with Miguel Pichetto, had campaigned for Patricia Bullrich. However, in the runoff she supported the candidacy of Sergio Massa. Figueroa, on the other hand, is a friend of the former Minister of Economy and supported him from the generals.

Critical of the libertarian, Figueroa until now remained more distant than his peers from Chubut and Santa Cruz, Ignacio Torres and Claudio Vidal. those who the Government tempted with the possibility of reversing YPF contracts in areas that were not ultimately exploited, an alternative that could also serve Neuquén.

However, the Neuquén president has so far practiced a more composed silence than that of his neighbor, the governor of Río Negro. Alberto Weretilneck.

The northern governors who met with the minister on Tuesday repeated that Francos did not ask them for anything, but they acknowledged that Victoria Villarruel, who was also in Salta, repeated to them that she wants to “be on good terms with the senators and the governors.” Some of the provincial executives point out that not all of their deputies respond to them. “Politics is no longer linear. Not even they could secure Carolina Píparo’s vote,” a governor apologized.

The provincial leaders who met with Francos asked the Government to generate the necessary consensus before returning to discuss the entire or separate omnibus law.

the tucumán Osvaldo Jaldo, who was quick to break the UxP bloc in Congress in a nod to the ruling party, described the meeting with Francos as a first step for the Executive to normalize the link with the governors. “These are the first steps for the Government to begin to iron out differences with the provinces. Congress has to enact the laws that the President needs but that provide that reciprocity so that we have the financial resources that the provinces need,” said the president. . tucumán.

One day after Francos’ visit to the north, the Government convened the national teachers’ joint meeting that the President had assured that he would not call.

Five days after JxC governors to interact hand in hand with the President, without intermediaries, a shot by elevation to the role of Francos and Santiago CaputoCarlos Sadir from Jujuy finally reached the invitation organized by Sáenz.

In the bloc of provincial leaders, Cambiomitas reduced its relevance. “We are all going to receive the minister if he comes to our provinces. Our proposal has to do with presenting our agenda to the President as a unified bloc,” explained a source involved. In JxC they interpreted Luis Caputo’s promise to discuss the pending fiscal chapter and the omnibus law as a nod to his demands.

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