Almost 20 million Europeans over 60 years of age have been vaccinated against covid this fall


The autumn vaccination campaignbetween September 1 and January 15, leave for the moment about 20 million citizens Europeans over 60 years of age vaccinated (5.5 million over 80 years of age) with at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccineaccording to him interim report presented this Friday by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC in its acronym in English). SpainAccording to the document, it continues to be one of the countries that vaccinates the most.

Spain is among the group of countries that vaccinate the most, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control

The average coverage among people over 60 was 11.1%, although the percentage hides enormous differences between Member States. For example, of the 24 countries that provided data on this target group, none reported coverage greater than 80%. In the case of the over 80 years old The average coverage was close to 16.3%. Despite these thresholds, there are countries that have much higher levels of vaccination against covid19. It is the case of Denmark, with 88.2% of the population over 80 years of age immunized, 80.4% in the case of those over 70 and 43.5% in the case of those over 60 years of age.

The percentage of Spaniards vaccinated is 49.3% among those over 60 and 61.5% among those over 80.

They also show significant levels of vaccination among those over 80 in countries such as Finland, Norway, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, all of them with ranges between 60 and 70%.

In the case of the over 60 years old, The analysis confirms that vaccination campaigns have also been important in Portugal, Ireland and the Netherlands, with immunization levels with one dose covering between 50% and 60% of this group, as well as in Spain, Belgium, Norway and Finland with vaccinated percentages between 25% and 50%.

In the Spanish case, The vaccination percentage of those over 80 years of age is 61.5%, which places it in fifth position in Europe, and 49.3% in those over 60 years of age, in sixth place together with Norway.

Among the seven countries that reported disaggregated data for healthcare personnel, the highest vaccination coverage is detected in Belgium (20.9%), ahead of Ireland (14.4%) or Spain (13%).

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Only two countries will facilitate disaggregated data about people with chronic diseasesalthough the highest coverage rate corresponds to Spain (5.4%), while two countries reported disaggregated data in the case of pregnant women. The highest coverage rate in this group is monitored in Ireland (18.3%), ahead of Spain (6.5%).

Among the countries where practically no vaccination has been carried out, neither those over 60 nor 80 years of age, include Hungary, Slovakia, Malta, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania or Poland among others.

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