An ultra K mayor wants to declare the deputies who approve the Omnibus Law persona non grata


The ultra-Kirchnerist mayor of Pehuajó, Pablo Zurroraised a project ordinance to the Deliberative Council of your municipality to declare “persona non grata” to all national legislators who support the Omnibus Law project sent to Congress by Javier Milei.

Through a video broadcast On social networks, Zurro announced the measure and remarked: “After the 12 glorious years that our country lived with Néstor and Cristina (Kirchner), in 2018 a brutal decline began as a result of the debt contracted by Mr. (Mauricio) Macri and Mr. (Luis) Caputo.”

Zurro, a verbose and provocative ultra K leader, took advantage of the opportunity to launch a dart also to Alberto Fernández, today installed in Madrid and with demands from different sectors for him to abandon the presidency of the Justicialista Party.

“Given that the government of Alberto was not up to par of the circumstances, We are currently facing a brutal adjustment, a surrender of the Homeland and with all the bad, perverse because Caputo says ‘what a problem the debt’, which you took, Caputo,” he said.

Along the same lines, he assured that “The Milei caste has intervened in our deputies, such as those from Tucumán and the governor (Osvaldo) Jaldo, What do you think you have? a republic and it’s hurting us all.”

Zurro later stated that, given this panorama, by decree ad referendum, he defined “appoint the Tucumán deputies and anyone who votes for this Omnibus Law as persona non grata”. In addition, the mayor of Pehuajó invited his peers to replicate the measure in the other municipalities, as a sommelier not summoned by Congress.

What does the ordinance proposed in Pehuajó say to declare those who approve the Omnibus Law persona non grata?

According to the text of the project released, he will be declared “persona non grata” from Pehuajó to all Deputies of the National Congress who provide “total and/or partial adherence to the “Omnibus Law” projects or to DNU 70/2023.

For the mayor in charge of Zurro, these two instruments are “of clear anti-democratic conception” and analyzed that they will bring “a crisis of significant proportions that will seriously affect millions of Argentines, among whom, of course, a large part of the Pehuajense people will be affected.”

“Taking into account the political movements that are already observed, such as the split of some blocks of deputies and the clear political agreement to which they would be arriving governors like that of Tucumán, pretending to function as an independent republic and not knowing itself to be part of a federal nation, supportive and twinning between each of its provinces,” the mayor stated in the text of the ordinance that he wants to have approved.

The unusual proposal of the always provocative mayor, a black palate of Kirchnerism, aroused replicas and criticism. “Ridiculous, paperless and incapable”what the Buenos Aires deputy described without filters Fernando Rovelloof the PRO, in their networks.

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