Top 6 Reasons Men Avoid Making Love

Top 6 Reasons Men Avoid Making Love It is necessary to understand – why a man does not want sex.

1 Reason: Workaholics are not sex workers

A busy schedule, stress, fatigue – these are definitely our enemies in any sphere of life. Because of them, we do not have enough strength and time for friends, children, and even for sex. Here, the bed scenes do not help to relax, even though you buy beautiful clothes and dance striptease. And if the workers’ troubles and stresses in his life happen regularly, like the daily singing of cocks with the sunrise, then sooner or later the nervous system of even a very strong man will not stand and collapse under the yoke of problems. Then a nervous breakdown will have to be treated in a hospital, and not with a “nurse” in own bed.

2 Cause: Disease

One of the most common reasons for reducing sexual desire in men is the use of antidepressants. It turns out that the men of this world, feeling on themselves all this everyday oppression of life, try to escape from stress with the help of medicines. In addition, according to statistics, most hormonal disorders and heart diseases inevitably affect the decrease in male sexual activity.

3 Reason: The technique spoils sex

Laptops and computers, televisions, tablets and telephones, game consoles and other wonders of modern technology today are real devourers of free time. If your man can’t refuse checking mail or reading news on social networks, then he fell into real dependence on the gadget, and simply forgets that time should be given to other areas of life.

4 Reason: It’s you

You can be the reason why the man always stays late at work, does not seek closeness and at all does not flirt with you. He just doesn’t want you exactly and that’s the reason to break up. Moreover, the reason for his “reluctance” can be both excessive sexual activity on the part of the woman, and her indifference. The absence of spiritual intimacy, trust and mutual understanding for a man, as well as for a woman, is the reason for refusing intimacy. In this case, before solving problems of a sexual nature, it is necessary to understand the relationship.

5 Reason: There is sex only in his life

The reason is slightly similar to the previous one but it is already in neglected form. If a man bothers to have sex with her, then he could change her to another. Perhaps that is the reason for the absence of passion in your relations.

6 Reason: Individual problems

Not all reasons can be called among universal, it sometimes happens that the problem is individual. This can be both a psychological trauma and problems with potency. In this case, of course, such pills as Viagra, Cialis, and their analogs will help.

Whatever happened in your intimate life, remember that any problems need to be solved. Try to discuss this issue as soon as possible and as thoroughly as possible. Then the problem will disappear in record time.

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