Travel Well

For people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it is useful to remember a few rules, so that immediately after rest or during it they won’t appear on a hospital bed.

Rule one. When choosing a country for rest, preference should be given to countries close to climatic conditions to your permanent place of residence.

Rule two. If possible, try not to fly from one hemisphere to another and not to change more than 2-3 time zones. Travel Well with drugs

The third rule. Before leaving, visit your doctor and tell him or her about your plans. Check the regimen of fluid intake and diuretics for the rest period. Stock up with appropriate medications – those that you take constantly and those that may be needed in an emergency situation.

Rule four. Study the names and dosages of the drugs that you are taking. Do not give up the time and dosage prescribed by your doctor, especially when it comes to powerful drugs, such as antidepressants (Valium, etc.) and sleeping pills.

The fifth rule. During the rest try to keep track of your weight. Reducing body weight not only improves well-being but also reduces the burden on the heart. If the weight began to grow, then it is enough to eat even if the food is delicious and free.

Rule six. Determine the physical workload. The specific regimen depends on the stability of your condition, well-being, and age. Perhaps quite short walks and swimming in the pool will be enough. And, maybe, get permission for more active actions (aqua bike, volleyball).

The seventh rule. Discuss food on vacation in detail with a doctor: whether you follow the prescribed diet, or you can step back from it. The “heart” diet is approximately the same: restricting the intake of fats, fried foods, instead of pork and beef, poultry and fish, skimmed dairy products, etc.

Do not get carried away by sweets, eat more fresh fruits, limit the consumption of salt and spicy food. Decide on the norm of alcohol. In some countries, you will be offered wine to the table, in some – beer. Try to alternate the intake of alcohol with mineral water without gas. But if the doctor said “no”, then alcohol will have to be forgotten.

Rule eighth. Pay attention to the medical insurance offered by the travel agency. Find out all the questions concerning medical care abroad. Remember that, as a rule, the insurance provides only the first and emergency assistance. Treatment of chronic diseases is not provided.

Most aircraft and rental vehicles can’t be properly sanitized between flights and therefore specialists suggest the following methods of self-protection in order to prevent contact with influenza and other infections:

  1. Take a hand sanitizer with you and treat your hands with every potentially dangerous contact.
  2. Do not touch your face and eyes with contaminated hands, especially if you are allergic.
  3. Water and soap are most preferably for washing hands, but do not neglect the disinfectant if they are not at your disposal.
  4. Remember that the most hostile environment for most microorganisms is a clean, dry surface facing the light and air. In the case of contamination of the surface with food, drink or sweat, microorganisms multiply with increased speed.
  5. Wipe your hands before touching the following objects and surfaces: luggage handles, steering wheel in rental cars, washbasins in the restroom, etc.

Remember that antiviral drugs that you can buy at a pharmacy do not always cope with the task.

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