Waist Management

The thin waist is the main decoration of the female body! But unfortunately, most often, the hateful fat is to appear exactly on the waist. And if you have gained weight, then it will be more noticeable in the waist area. But we will not allow this! We present the most effective exercises for the waist to your attention, which are guaranteed to help you to burn fat in the abdomen, to find a thin waist and captivating bends of the body. These exercises are effective both alone and in combination with diet pills to achieve the greatest effect. In the case, you have excess weight you can take Meridia or Phentermine to reduce your appetite.

The complex consists of 5 simple exercises. To achieve maximum results, exercises must be done daily! Do not worry – they are very simple. Motivate yourself that the result will be obvious in less than a month.

Exercise 1

First of all, put your feet to the width of the shoulders, while your feet will be parallel to each other. Hands should be put on the back of the head, and your elbows are to be spread to the maximum distance. Start counting. “One” – and you lean forward, turning the body in such a way that one of the elbows touched the opposite knee.

When tilting, exhale so not to lose the tempo. “Two” – repeat starting position. “Three” – you have to do the previous movement, this time touching the other elbow of the other knee. “Four” – and you again take the starting position. For the first time, it will be enough to do 10 repetitions, but increase the number of repetitions to the prescribed 30 times in a week.

Exercise 2

Place your feet apart at shoulder width. At the same time, compress the palms into a fist, bring them to your chest, spread your elbows wide. Make energetic double turns in both directions – twice in one – twice in the other. In no case should you tear your feet off the floor.

During the exercise for the waist, you need to keep the posture as precisely as possible. For the result, you need to do 20 approaches on each side.

Exercise 3

Place your feet on the width of your shoulders, parallel to each other. Lean forward. Touch the floor alternately with each hand. In this pose, the second hand must be a straight line from the second, that is, point upwards. When tilting, try turning the body towards the hand. It is necessary to perform 20-25 repetitions. Waist Management

Exercise 4

You must lie to relax. Then you have to bend the arms in the elbows & point the hands down. Your right leg is to be bent at the knee. Turn the thigh and carry the bent leg to the left side, trying to touch the floor. Then repeat the position from the very start, straighten your leg slowly with no sharp moves. Again, repeat the exercise, only with the left foot. It is desirable to do 15 repetitions on each side.

Exercise 5

You will need a support – a sofa, a bed or a chair. The easiest way to start the exercise from a bed or a sofa, since they are substantially below the seat of the chair.

You need to be a step away from the couch, turn to it sideways with your right side. Put your right foot on the couch and slowly make a lateral slope to the side of the foot. Tap your fingers to it. Then bend to the side of the foot on which you are standing and touch the floor. Straighten up. Repeat this exercise up to 10 times. Then turn your left side to the sofa and do the same on this side.

Carrying out this complex of exercises for the waist daily, you can be proud of your thin waistline very soon.

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