Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips How to reduce weight gradually and without stops.

1) Give up “fast carbohydrates.” Exclude four main products from your diet:

  • sugar,
  • flour,
  • potatoes,
  • white polished rice.

Saying ‘sugar’ we mean not only what is to be put in tea but in general, all products containing sugar – cakes, sweets, sweet fruits etc. By the way, brown sugar is the same fast carbohydrate as white. “Flour” is all that contains flour – bread, cakes, meat in breading, etc. White polished rice is as fast as carbohydrates. Choose instead dark rice – unprocessed. Potatoes, especially fried, are thickly contraindicated.

2) If you want to lose weight, you should not starve. The body does not know what you are starving for, and to save your life, begins to store fats. Do not feed your body with a store of fat – eat when hungry, but choose low-calorie foods.

3) If you lose weight, your main product is vegetables. They are low-calorie and rich in nutrients that help us look and feel good. The more colorful your plate is, the more useful it is.

4) Do not try to lose weight quickly – it’s impossible. Those people who managed to lose weight spent months on it. Everything that goes away quickly will come back just as quickly. After all, life does not end tomorrow, so do not rush.

5) Do not get slimmer with bodybuilding. You will build muscle, tire, and will want to eat even more. The best sport for slimming is walking, long quiet walks, at least 4 km per day.

6) If you allow yourself bread or pasta (flour), they should only be made of whole-grain flour. Whole-grain foods are sold in the dietary departments of supermarkets and in some pharmacies.

7) Do not refuse breakfast. In the afternoon, you still have time to spend extra calories, but a dense dinner for the night will definitely be saved in the form of fat. Carry dense food for the morning hours, and try to eat low-calorie foods in the evening. If you allow yourself a cake or a piece of chocolate, eat them in the morning.

8) Instead of mayonnaise and sour cream, season salads with lemon juice and low-fat sauces.

9) If you break into harmful fatty foods, for example, fried schnitzel in breading, dip it with napkins so that the fat was absorbed. This will reduce calorie content.

10) Do not start the day with orange juice, as people like to do in Mexican TV shows. Freshly squeezed juices are very useful, but fruit juices contain sugar, which is instantly absorbed. Drink vegetable juices, not fruit.

11) Drink plenty of water, at least 4-5 glasses a day. Note: water, not tea or coffee.

Do not rush to resort to medications such as Meridia and other medications to help in reducing excess weight, which are sold at the pharmacies. First of all, you have to adjust yourself to the fact that the process of losing weight will be long and not always easy. Be consistent. This is the most important rule! You should understand that losing weight is not a miracle, but a daily systematic work on yourself, which will have to be done constantly and gradually. And even when you finally achieve the desired weight, continue to be consistent and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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