Wholesale Supplements: Getting Ready For It

Opinions about what sports supplements can be considered really working, infinitely many, but we decided to tell about the most necessary minimum for each athlete, whatever discipline he or she chooses.

The first thing to remember about is the sports nutrition market is the same marketplace where marketing laws operate.

The second thing that amateur athletes should remember: no additive will replace hard work.


Protein is the most popular supplement, which is used by all athletes, related to their occupation more or less seriously. Admission of additional protein helps to accelerate muscle growth, helping to repair injured muscle fibers quickly.

Wholesale Supplements The whole whey protein is divided into casein, concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate.

Casein is good for drinking at night, the concentrate is used for cooking dishes (for example, making protein ice cream), but the isolate and hydrolysate are best taken before and after training, with water or milk. In this way, you protect your muscles from catabolism and help them to recover faster.

Of course, if you get enough protein from regular food or have problems with kidneys or liver, you do not need to lean on artificial protein. However, it is important to remember that the muscles begin to be built only when the body receives at least 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram of its own weight. Protein can be called the most wholesale of all supplements: athletes consume it in huge quantities.

Fish fat

This is the most universal supplement, the most valuable fatty acids and a powerful immune stimulant of natural origin. Fish oils are prescribed by cardiologists for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases; it is included in the list of auxiliary preparations for the prevention of various forms of cancer.

Fish oil is best bought in sports nutrition stores, and you should not save on it. For an adult male or female, the daily dosage of eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids (namely, those found in fish oil) should be 2.5-3 grams.

Fast carbohydrates

Fast, or, as they are called, simple, carbohydrates need to supplement training, unless, of course, it is not aimed at intensive fat burning. This means that you can eat jam, honey, bananas or sweet yogurts before and immediately after training. Most of them will promote rapid resynthesis of glycogen after physical exertion.

If there is no desire to carry products for training, you can buy a dry carbohydrate mixture – a gainer, which, though not a full meal, will be more nutritious than a simple snack.


Creatine is a sports supplement with the most powerful evidence base. Its regular intake leads to an increase in strength and muscle growth. Among other things, creatine is the cheapest additive that you can buy at a sports nutrition store. Today there are different forms of it. However, if you do not like to overpay for a beautiful package, it is best to buy creatine monohydrate – the oldest and time-tested form of release.

Many mistakenly compare, for example, supplements for athletes available in pharmacies or those who want to lose weight with pills. It is not right. Such tablets as Phentermine, for example, cannot be compared by effect with additives. On the other hand, products for athletes have a very different effect and it is much more palpable, so do not put all the tablets in one row.

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