Camilo Atala Faraj: Bad times bring development opportunities


For Camilo Atala Faraj, the financial crisis brought Ficohsa Group opportunities for expansion. The sale of global banking operations in Central America helped to strengthen and position the banks in the region. As a knowledgeable person, he has a deep understanding of the region’s economy and is accustomed to operating in uncertain conditions.

For the banker, the repositioned Central American bank can be a key piece to strengthen the productive sector, boost SMEs as the engine of the economy and contribute to the development of the region.

“Ficohsa was a company very focused on the corporate segment and some years ago we began the process of diversifying the portfolio, focusing strongly on the SME segment and personal banking,” said its founder Camilo Atala.

Camilo Atala Faraj’s focus is on personal banking.

The expansion into personal banking has driven better practices in customer service management, with new technologies, self-service systems and retail banking. On the corporate side, Ficohsa offers customized customer service.

For the businessman, the arrival of smartphones, mobile banking and home banking are milestones to which Ficohsa has been able to adapt. “The world is in a time of constant evolution, with technological innovations that are causing a major change in the way of relating to consumers, the banking sector is no stranger to this new scenario, the sector must adapt to stay current, “warned Atala.

Mobility era has brought new opportunities

Atala said that the era of mobility has brought new opportunities, and for this reason, banks must offer the most important services through mobile services, so that the user can access them at the very moment he or she has the need.

“We maintain innovation and technology as key axes of the various services we offer, which has allowed us to easily adapt to the needs of this generation. The digital platform, non-bank correspondents and mobile applications are some of the innovative services we are offering in response to the new demands,” concluded Atala.

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