Canceled ‘La Silla’ on Netflix; He will not return for season 2


The Chair – Picture: Netflix

During the summer of 2021, Netflix released its prestigious new drama headlined by Sandra Oh. With widespread praise from the media, will the series get a second season on Netflix? The answer is no, according to several actors, including Sandra Oh, who has now confirmed that she won’t be back.

Debuting on August 20, 2021, the show was one of the first major titles for David Benioff and DB Weiss, who signed a sweeping overall deal with Netflix in 2019.

Sandra Oh headlined the comedy, which takes place at a major US university and follows the trials and tribulations of an English department head.

As mentioned, the show received rave reviews from the press and had a 85% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of publication. Similarly, the audience scores were also high.

The show was not called a limited series, so a second season was left open-ended. That being said, the show tied up most of the loose ends with some lingering questions about the future despite Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim being ousted from her position in the final episode.

Will there be a season 2 of The Chair?

Chair official renewal status: Cancelled

After six months from the launch of The chairWe haven’t officially heard any indication that the show will return, but we think it’s likely that Ghost has been cancelled.

At first, the show’s future looked bleak, given its poor performance in Netflix’s top 10. Thanks to, at the time, newly released top 10 hourly dataWe can also take a look at its performance on the platform, and things weren’t pretty.

The series only appeared in the global top 10 hourly for a single week. The series aired on August 20, but did not appear in the first week period between August 16 and August 22. It took more than 10.43 million hours watched to be included.

In week 2 of release, the series rose to number 4 with 14.02 million hours watched on the platform.

In week 3, the series fell out of the top 10, where it alone would have needed over 9.14 million hours to beat CoComelon. That means that from week 2 to week 3, the series experienced a viewership drop of at least 35%.

Let’s compare the hourly data with other comedy series premieres at the same time. We can see I have never S2 managed 58.38 million in week 1 and Sex education S3 grossed 125.77 million.

the netflix chair

The Chair – Picture: Netflix

Looking at the top 10 raw data for countries, things look just as bad. In the United States, where the series is produced, the show only managed to spend 7 days in the overall top 10 and 14 days in the TV top 10. Typically we have to see around 28 days of good performance for renewals in hopes of getting a renewal.

The series failed to stay in the top 10 more than 19 days in any country.

IMDb MovieMeter shows that the show rose to 13th place, but soon began to fall on a steep curve.

moviemeter data for chair

Moviemeter chart for The Chair

Annie Julia Wyman’s Twitter bio suggests that she is currently hard at work on other projects, including being a writer and producer on projects at FX, Hulu, and HBO Max.

Sandra Oh was the first to question a second season. in a interview with Variety before the last season of killing eve. She told them:

“No one has called me, so I guess that’s not happening. I would have loved it, because I thought there was a lot of material in there to potentially explore. Because the setting and the characters were established… I’m glad it happened, it was a great experience. But I’m sad because it’s over.”

Then, at the TCAs in January 2023, Amanda Peet confirmed to the reporters who The chair it had been cancelled.

“They didn’t pick us up,” Peet confirmed. “Sandra and I wish we had been.”

David Benioff and DB Weiss are working on a number of other upcoming Netflix projects. The three body problem is his new main project that will be filmed throughout 2022.

you would have liked to see The chair return for season 2?

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