“Chicanitas, no”, the uncomfortable crossing of Juan Grabois and Jonatan Viale in the middle of the program screening on TN


Jonathan Viale He faced the last minutes of his program with the transition to hand over the air of TN to Nicolás Wiñazki and Santiago Fioriti, hosts of “We are good.” In that shipment he was invited Juan Graboiswho took advantage of Viale’s presence to burst into the air and do a public recrimination that made everyone uncomfortable.

“There we are seeing Juan Grabois, who came to the program,” Wiñazki introduced him, while the one from UTEP smiled from a corner of the studio. Until then, everything according to TV protocols. Viale was talking to the other journalists when, in off-screen, he heard a voice that interfered with the program screening. The three looked to the side, as did Ignacio “Nacho” Torres, governor of Chubut, another guest.

Grabois spoke with the microphone off. When he learned it, he hurried them: “Ask him, ask him, come on, while we’re at it”. Wiñazki and Fioriti tried to contain him. Then, the picketer went directly to Viale, visibly uncomfortable.

―Jony, do you hear me? -the social leader addressed, with a hint of mischief in his voice.

“I’m listening, I’m listening, Juan,” Viale accepted.

“Why don’t you tell people what you told me when you called me? -He complained to the driver.

“About the call you made to apologize,” Grabois blanched.

“Yes, of course, we talked about that, there is no problem. We talked about it, yes of course.

“But take advantage of the fact that you are on the air and tell it,” Grabois advanced.

The crossing between Juan Grabois and Jonatan Viale in TN. Photo Capture TN

Then, Wiñazki, Viale and Fioriti tried to calm the social leader. “That has nothing to do with mixing everything, but there is no problem: we will gladly clarify it later,” his direct interlocutor told him. “There you go, Juan,” Wiñazki stopped him. And Fioriti continued: “Don’t let the rules of the game change, we are going to interview Juan (later).”

Under his breath, Viale unloaded: “Yes, it was sung… Chicanea.”

Grabois tried to justify his emergence into the pass. “You greeted me,” he said to Wiñazki, “so I greet you and by the way I take advantage so that a man can make amends for what he said.”

The rest tried to calm the tension that surprised everyone in the middle of TN.

“Calm down, Juan. Chicanitas, no. Cheap Chicanitas, no. Yes, calm, calm,” Viale remained uncomfortable.

Fioriti took the voice, while the Grabois-Viale split screen followed. “Juan, this is a screening of a television program. After we are going to interview you, we are going to talk about everything,” she told him.

“Spectacular,” was Grabois’s response, with a thumbs up, while he turned away from the camera.

“It’s the method, but don’t worry, we’ll clarify it later, Juan,” Viale closed.

With the microphone off again, Grabois did not remain silent.

“Maximum respect, but…

“You got into a pass that you weren’t eligible for,” Fioriti explained.

“But it’s nice,” Grabois insisted, “because he has the chance to tell the truth.”

“Don’t worry, you don’t drive here,” Viale cut him off.

“Leave it to us, we’ll run the program,” Fioriti backed him up.

“I’m helping you, That’s why I sell you better ―Grabois also called him out.

Viale was left with the last word. “Chicanea, chicanea. It’s okay: it’s Juan”, before returning to television channels.

Almost an hour later, Grabois insisted on the same point. At the end of the interview on “We Are Good”, he explained: “It’s not anything bad, it’s some good, even.” And he added: “It’s for defamation. I did it because I wanted a public apology.”

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