Chinese coronavirus | Coronavirus cases drop 90% in China since last outbreak


The authorities of China reported on Thursday that there has been a about 90 percent reduction in cases of coronavirus registered in the country during the last outbreak, which makes it possible to announce that it is under control.

The China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the last day 434 other infections have been reportedwhich is a figure significantly lower than that recorded during the peak of the epidemic, on January 4, when 4,273 cases were added in a single day.

Between January 20 and 26, the Asian giant has recorded a number of 6,364 deaths linked to the diseasea figure that was half the number of deaths detected the previous week, as the CDC said in a statement.

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The The number of serious cases among hospitalized patients also fell significantly to 14,000 from 128,000 recorded on January 5.. Since last December, China has reduced measures and controls to curb the pandemic due to protests against the government’s “COVID zero” policy.

Earlier this week, authorities said COVID-19 cases would continue their downward trend despite travel and celebrations associated with the New Year holiday, which has already led Beijing to consider the emergency experienced in December after the lifting of major restrictions in the face of the pandemic.

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