Clomid (Clomiphene)

Generic Clomid: Data

Clomiphene in Generic Clomid is a drug that has one structure with estrogen. In this case, this drug called Clomid is not a steroid, it is created synthetically and its main purpose is to stimulate female ovulation. It helps to connect with the hypothalamus and receptors in it, and after the signal promotes the production of estrogen and testosterone for women and men respectively. This is how the body gets a chance to perform natural stimulation.

At the moment, the main indication for the use of this medicine is the cure for women who have problems with the ovaries. At the same time, using Clomid for too long can be dangerous: an excessive amount of estrogen can provoke the development of cancer.

Be careful with the drug neighborhood and take several medications only after a thorough consultation.

Ways of using the drug

As we have already said, ovarian treatment is the most frequent reason for using these pills. If a woman has a disrupted ovulation cycle, she can be either completely infertile or have significant difficulties with conception. Thus, ovarian cancer can be only one of the reasons, because in the most cases the causes are simply not known.

The purpose of this drug, as well as the duration of treatment, always depends on each specific case of taking the medicine. This means that before use it’s necessary to get the personal consultation or determine the dosage taking into account the existing diseases and drugs that you are already taking. The time in which you take this medicine is also important. Since the rhythm and cycle of ovulation are always associated with a certain time, Generic Clomid can be taken only from the fifth day since the cycle starts. Usually, you can take this medication within a period of one to six cycles, inclusive.

Principle of work of Generic Clomid

Clomid and the active ingredient Clomiphene contribute to the cure of such a serious problem as female infertility. The brain understands that the body needs more estrogen, and you can get it naturally. It is the amount of estrogen that provokes pregnancy and helps to increase the chances that the ovum will be fertilized.

Who should take the drug?

Clomid and the active substance Clomiphene is a drug that is created taking into account the characteristics of the body of women with problems in the work of the ovaries. To make sure that you fall under all categories, you should familiarize yourself with the list of conditions. A woman should not:

  • be pregnant,
  • have liver disease or cyst,
  • suffer from bleeding.

Male infertility in theory, too, can be used as a therapy for this drug. Nevertheless, some countries have already found out that such treatment can significantly increase the number of spermatozoa, but at the same time increase the risk of developing testicular cancer.

Dosage of Clomiphene as a part of Clomid

One of the advantages of this medicine is that it is completely tasteless and does not repel the smell. In addition, it is easily soluble, and its dosage is always fixed. In one dose (capsule) of the drug contains up to 50 mg of active substance. It is recommended to prepare the body before the main course of treatment. First of all, pay attention to the presence of extraneous diseases, such as diseases in the genital area (gynecology) and endocrinology. Such training will help to avoid negative consequences. For the pregnancy to come, the sexual act should coincide with the time of an ovulation. However, if ovulation does not occur or the effect is too weak, you can always increase the dosage.

Use in sports

Clomid is a drug that professional athletes use. It is also advised to beginners. In the case of long-term and serious sports, Clomiphene helps to avoid the developing gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is the development of the mammary glands in men, associated with an active intake of various steroids and anabolics.

Clomid for athletes

Always follow the dosage and gently combine the drug with steroids. In addition, note that Clomiphene is a drug that provokes a sharp surge of hormones. For men, there is no time limit for taking this medication. Usually it is taken after steroids, about a week after the course.

Possible side effects

If you do not exceed the dosage and follow all the rules for taking this medication, you will not suffer from side effects. Most often, these effects disappear on their own. Nevertheless, most often the patient’s body is prone to:

  • feeling of nausea and heaviness in the stomach,
  • bleeding,
  • hair loss,
  • feeling of fatigue.

Always take good care of your health and seek help if necessary.

How can I buy Clomid?

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