Covid-related income increases slightly in Spain, but transmission decreases

  • Over the past week, 311 additional coronavirus-related admissions have been recorded across Spain, but not directly related to the infection

the hospitalizations linked to covid-19 increased slightly last week in Spain, while the hospital occupancy from 3.1% to 3.35% (4,167 admitted in total), even if the transmission level that observed among those over 59 continues to fall, this time by seven points to 158 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, last week 311 additional admissions related to covid-19 were recorded throughout Spain, but not directly related to infection.

Occupancy in intensive care units ‘by or with’ covid-19, says Health, increased last week also slightly from 2.6% to 2.76%, with 243 reviews, 14 more.

In this context, the impact of all respiratory diseases (in which we find covid-19) is still in increase last month from 692 to 845 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, with a rebound in cases of bronchiolitis among minors and complications related to the flu.

The cases of income related to covid-19 show a threshold above 4,000 patients, even if with this figure the hospital indicators remain stable and on the scale of “controlled traffic”.

Not all covid-19 related revenue is generated by complications infection health.

Thus, the Health data show that from total number of people admitted throughout Spain, 45.1% did so because of the virus and its health complications, while the remaining percentage were diagnosed with the disease but were hospitalized for other causes.

In ucis, of the 243 critical patients with covid-19, just over half had to be admitted to these units due to the disease and the rest were hospitalized for other causes despite the virus being detected. .

Fewer tests and fewer infections

The number of diagnosed cases in the general population, it has continued to decline in recent weeks, as the scenario of least health impact of SARS-CoV-2 has led to a reduction in the number of tests carried out for its detection.

Fewer than 20,000 infections were detected last week, of which just over 10,000 were diagnosed in citizens of 60 years or older, as this is the group for which tests are most often prescribed.

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Regarding covid-19 deaths last week, communities reported 97, while they stand at 116,422 in total since the start of the pandemic.

The impact of covid-19 on the mortality among those over 59, it remains at 3.6%, the same figure since the health impact of the coronavirus decreased in February sixth wave.

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