Deltasone (Prednisone)

General information about Deltasone

The dosage of Deltasone is always determined individually, by diagnosis and degree of disease. If it comes to the initial dosage, then usually used up to 30 mg of the Generic Prednisone, this amount of a drug is contained in 2 tablets. If the disease is very severe, then the dose of the drug increases. Especially often, Generic Deltasone can be used to treat kidney failure. The physician should familiarize him or her with the patient’s medical history, especially when the patient already has a tendency to sudden mood swings and aggression. Thus, the patient is to be under constant observation all the time of treatment. The child’s dose of the drug is to be not more than 2 mg of medicine per 1 kg of the child’s weight. At the same time, the total dosage for a day is to be divided into 6 parts or slightly less. Doses may not be equal because it’s recommended to give the greatest dose of the drug in the morning. In the evening Deltasone digests worse, so it makes sense to give a small amount in the evening.

Often with the help of Generic Deltasone doctors treat the state of shock, then the drug is administered in large quantities immediately intravenously.

Deltasone can also be used for other diseases. The most frequent dosage of this drug is up to 45 mg for intravenous administration. Also, intramuscular administration of Generic Deltasone is possible if other methods are not possible. In rare cases, a repeated administration of a large dose is prescribed, which can seriously affect the general condition of the body due to the high burden on the organs. Gradually, as the patient’s condition is eased, the dose can be reduced. As far as possible, intravenous administration of the drug is to be replaced with conventional tablets. It is possible to use Generic Deltasone for children. In this case, if the child is up to one year, a larger dosage of up to 3 mg per kg of the child’s weight is applied, until adolescence (14 years) the maximum dose is of 2 mg per 1 kg of body weight. Repeated administration is allowed in not less than half an hour.

The child drug is also available as suspension, which can easily be injected. It is also possible to introduce the infiltration method in a form of impregnation of tissues of the human body. This method is not possible for realization at home, as it requires absolute sterility of the room. Deltasone is able to be re-introduced, if necessary, the injection can be repeated more than two times until the desired effect is achieved. To the body responds well to the introduction of the drug inside, you can move: your hands and feet, joints when you insert intra articularly. So the drug is to be more easily absorbed into the blood and gives the best result.

It is possible to treat eyeballs using Deltasone. In this case, the eye bag is to be filled with drops without injections. This procedure can be repeated three times a day for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Recommendations for admission

When treating with Deltasone, it’s recommended to:

  • be under the supervision of a doctor,
  • constantly carry out urinalysis,
  • monitor the sugar level.

Also, you should monitor the general condition of the body in the case of taking Deltasone together with diuretics. Especially long-term treatment helps to reduce the level of various substances in the blood, including potassium. In this case, treatment requires a special diet. To reduce a risk of decay of tissues in the body, the drug methandrostenolone and medications containing this drug are used.

Possible side effects during treatment

In the case that the maximum dosage or the duration of treatment exceeds the allowable amount, the following effects may occur:

  • excess hair,
  • problems with menstruation,
  • weight gain,
  • fragility of bones,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • poor immunity,
  • mental disorders.

A gradual withdrawal from the condition of treatment is recommended, as a sharp discontinuation of the drug may provoke a negative reaction of the body. Diseases of any internal organs can also occur due to the load.

Who should not take Generic Deltasone?

Consult with your doctor if necessary or completely refuse to take Deltasone if you have:

  • hypertension,
  • diabetes,
  • propensity to psychosis,
  • problems with the kidneys and intestines,
  • period of postoperative recovery,
  • pregnancy,
  • tuberculosis,
  • age of the risk zone (elderly).

In these cases, take the drug only in the case of emergency. Try to refrain from taking this medication as far as possible and always under the supervision of a doctor.

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