Discover Club Residencial Las Lomas: luxury residences for seniors in Ecuador


The nursing home and senior living industry in Ecuador is experiencing slow growth despite a steadily aging population. Although demand for these services is growing, the available options are limited. For the most part, there are traditional places operated by non-profit entities, targeting vulnerable and low-income seniors. 

However, in recent years, there has been an emerging demand for private residences for the elderly that are currently provided with basic services, mainly adapted to common housing, oriented towards seniors who require assistance and additional care. This is why Club Lomas is an innovative project for having developed a neighborhood with a Social Club and recreation under international standards to care for independent and assisted senior citizens.

Objective and operation of Club Lomas

The main objective of the “life plan” offered by Club Lomas is to provide care to Ecuadorian and expatriates who require assistance, as well as to those who are independent, but wish to live in a community and enjoy a resort-style lifestyle with all services included, such as social and recreational activities.

It should be noted that Club Lomas proposes to create a community of like-minded seniors, 65 years of age and older, who share ideals and principles of life.

The characteristic that distinguishes it from other options, in addition to its quality of life and unique services, is its natural environment, in a strategic sector of Ecuador, such as the city of Cotacachi: Province of Imbabura.

Club Lomas: aimed at the community of national and expatriate seniors

An interesting aspect to highlight is that Ecuador, and Cotacachi, have been considered an attractive destination for expatriate retirees by several international magazines, even occupying the first place of preferred countries for several years. Recently, it has also generated the interest of Ecuadorian seniors, for what constitutes “The new retirement paradise in the north of Ecuador”.

Club Lomas, located in this city, has the advantage of receiving expatriates who wish to reside in Ecuador and enjoy a quiet and safe lifestyle in a residential club environment.

The services of Club Residencial Las Lomas

Club Lomas offers a wide range of services and amenities for its residents. These include:

  • Residential units: luxury units for 1 or 2 people, studio or hotel suite type, in a new, modern complex designed under international standards that makes it a unique service in Ecuador. 
  • All-inclusive service package: for independent and assisted persons with a complete meal plan, daily cleaning of residential units, laundry service, nursing station for emergencies, spacious common areas, lounges, activities, and membership in the social club of the complex.
  • Social and recreational activities: offers a wide range of activities to keep residents active and engaged. These activities may include exercise classes, outdoor activities and more.
  • Health and wellness services: regular general medical check-ups, basic emergency care, and assistance with medication administration are provided.
  • Security and support services: 24-hour security personnel are on duty to ensure residents’ peace of mind. Cleaning, maintenance and administration services are also provided to facilitate the daily life of the residents.
  • Concierge services: assistance in receiving mail, arranging transportation and more.

Why choose Club Residencial Las Lomas?

Club Lomas is an innovative option in Ecuador for seniors seeking an active, independent or assisted lifestyle in a residential club environment. With a wide range of services and amenities, it strives to provide a carefree experience where residents can devote their time to what really matters: socializing, recreational activities and enjoying a life of luxury.

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