Discover the best lively community for seniors in Latin America, if you are from Los Ángeles, California


The industry of residences and services for senior citizens in the world has grown. In the U.S. and Europe it offers various possibilities according to the resources of each family. But in Ecuador the options are not as expected due to the growing demand and its worldwide recognition as one of the favorite destinations to live life once retired.

Club Lomas, stands out as an innovative and complete proposal for senior citizens looking for a quiet and comfortable life. Unlike traditional nursing homes, it’s a community that because of its comfort will instantly become home, surrounded by people with a similar desire to celebrate life by exchanging experiences, sharing hobbies, engaging in fun activities and exploring new cultures.

A resort-style senior living community in Ecuador

Club Lomas offers a comfortable and unique lifestyle for local and foreign seniors in Ecuador. With amenities and activities that ensure an active and social life, this residential community offers a resort-like experience. Residents can enjoy hospitality services, social and recreational activities, as well as assistance with meals and mobility support.

Cotacachi, the new retirement paradise in northern Ecuador

The city of Cotacachi has been internationally recognized as “The new retirement paradise in northern Ecuador”. It is considered one of the best international destinations for retired expatriates. Club Lomas takes advantage of this privileged location and offers this community as their retirement home.

Club Las Lomas

An affordable and high quality option in Latin America

Club Lomas constitutes a valid option for long-term active and assisted living in Ecuador, with services that not many offer in Latin America. In addition, its prices are below the international market, making it an affordable, high quality alternative for senior citizens seeking a full and sociable life in Ecuador.

With its personalized attention and great benefits, it’s positioned as a unique option for those who want a quality life. With its resort-like residential club approach, it offers a wide range of services and activities to meet the needs of active, independent and assisted seniors. If you are looking for a full life in Ecuador, Club Lomas is the perfect choice.

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