Doctors in Catalonia will continue to negotiate “in extremis” this Tuesday to avoid a strike


Not this Monday either. after more than five hours of meeting, the syndicate Metges of Catalonia (MC) succeeded in reaching an agreement with the employers and the Ministry of Health to call off the concerted public health strike planned for this January 25 and 26 and the days February 1, 2 and 3. After nine-thirty in the evening, the union announced that will continue negotiations tomorrow Tuesday, from 1:30 p.m. a day before for the mobilization to begin. Thus, it was announced by the general secretary of MC, Xavier Leonard. There have been progress in the negotiation, but they are not “enough”, he assured. The main stumbling block is Faculty agenda: the union chooses to set a number of daily visits, while Salut advocates the “self-organization” of the doctor.

Some 25,000 doctors from all over Catalonia, health centers and hospitals, are called to this strike. If it’s finally done, it would be the second major medical strike in Catalonia in four years, because in November 2018 the doctors of the first aid stopped for four days. The general feeling on Monday at the Salut headquarters, where journalists waited for hours, is that tomorrow, Tuesday, the mobilization will be called off, but the union also seemed to have taken up positions with the employers and Salut last Wednesday, when they met are met to negotiate and yet nothing could be closed today. “There are more possibilities today that there will be no strike than last Wednesday,” Lleonart acknowledged.

Metges de Catalunya does ugly hi he couldn’t come up with”measures with immediate effect” although both parties agree on the substance of the public health problem: the lack of professionals, the planning, the working conditions (not only salaries, but also, for example, the long hours of primary care, in which 40% are taken up with bureaucratic procedures) and doctor training hours. The union demands a calendar to apply the measures.

“In principle there is progress. We found other points of consensus with the Administration, but it is not enough to say that there is an agreement”, declared Lleonart. According to the general secretary of MC, some of the measures of hi are “Concretely”. And what worries the union the most, he assured, is the impossibility of reaching an agreement with the ‘conselleria’ to alleviate the “impossible times” doctors and “overloads”.

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“We ask more specificity. We offer concretions in the number of visits per doctor or the inability to schedule visits at the same time. Hi writes them in a way that does not mention the improvement in attention spans, Lleonart complained, who also explained that another part of the “conflict” was related to the remuneration conditions.

For his part, the deputy director of the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut), Alfredo Garcia, He was “optimistic” and believes that there are “possibilities” to reach an agreement. “The union took a Salvation proposal that we cannot share because negotiation is open he said. recognized that the main stumbling block is that the union opts for a “concretion” of the number of visits of the doctor while the ‘conselleria’, for the “self-organization” of the doctor. Moreover, he appreciated, like Lleonart, the fact of having some budgets of the Generalitat closed” would draw a scenario [de negociación] More comfortable”.

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