Flagyl (Metronidazole)

Application of Generic Flagyl

The drug Generic Flagyl with Metronidazole is used to treat several types of diseases. Among the main class, there is a variety of infections caused by various sources. So, for example, the most common diseases that are treated with Flagyl are:

  • intestinal infections,
  • vaginal infections,
  • cutaneous infections,
  • urethral infertility.

In addition, the Flagyl drug can be used to treat a variety of diseases associated with the infection of the joints, brain, nervous system, lungs and other internal organs.

The least rare, but nevertheless curable with the help of this Flagyl drug are infections associated with diseases of organs of:

  • abdominal area,
  • pelvic bones and organs,
  • postoperative complications.

Total dosage

Generic Flagyl affects the body immediately, and its effect persists for up to a week. In this case, taking this drug is necessary for 1.5 mg a day for the entire period. For patients over 18 years of age, the dosage per day should be divided into three parts and taken evenly.

Curing such diseases, as, for example, problems with lamblia, will take about a week or even less (up to 5 days). In this case, the amount of the drug will be different for an adult and a child up to 10 years (more detailed instructions are in the package). If you give the drug to a patient at the age of less than 6 years, the Flagyl in the form of the suspension will be more effective.

Often with the help of Generic Flagyl, doctors treat diseases such as urethritis and vaginitis: in these cases, the dosage should be two tablets per day. For adult patients, a dosage varies between 1.5-2 mg.

In case you apply Flagyl for the treatment of the kidneys, it is better to use the dose half as much as the basic dose.

This’ll help to avoid possible side effects and improve the effect.

Probable side effects

On each side of the body, there may be special side effects. You can conditionally share the side effects into several categories, such as effects from the side of:

  • intestines,
  • nerves,
  • genitourinary system.

The most frequent side effects are those that relate to mild ailments:

  • bitter aftertaste in the mouth,
  • stomach problems,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • dizziness and migraine,
  • problems with sleep,
  • allergic reactions in any form,
  • changes in the consistency and color of urine,
  • enuresis.


Among the most common problem groups for Flagyl, doctors distinguish:

  • those having liver or kidney disease,
  • young patients under the age of 6 (risk group),
  • pregnant women and breast-feeding.

Additional Information

When using Generic Flagyl, it is recommended to abstain completely from drinking alcohol. Eliminate from your diet not only alcohol but also other drugs based on alcohol. In case you are exposed to prolonged treatment, be sure to follow the general state of your body and constantly check your tests. Therefore, you can avoid deterioration and adverse side effects.

If you treat diseases of the genitourinary system with Metronidazole, it is strongly recommended to avoid any type of sexual intercourse for the entire treatment period. However, for women, there is no need to interrupt treatment for the menstruation period.

Once you notice any negative side effects, stop treatment with Flagyl immediately and seek help. The list of side effects that require immediate discontinuation of the drug include:

  • hallucinations,
  • ataxia,
  • dizziness and frequent loss of consciousness, etc.

Try to avoid working with the car and any equipment for the entire treatment period. It’s important to avoid mental activity, as well as activities that require concentration and attention. The preparation Flagyl and Metronidazole are capable of influence on consciousness and can lower concentration level, therefore it is necessary to be careful.

There may be a situation where the prescribed dosage of Flagyl doesn’t have the desired effect. In such cases, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor for help; he or she’ll help to competently increase the dosage to a safe level. In the case you decide to increase the admissible dose of the Flagyl drug by yourself, you agree to do it at your own discretion and only you are responsible for the consequences.

Storage conditions

Store the drug Metronidazole in a dark dry place, avoiding sunlight. The air temperature can reach room temperature. Do not let Metronidazole enter children’s hands. Follow the expiry date of Flagyl.

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