Hidden Gems You Might Have Missed On Netflix In 2022


As the year comes to a close, you’ll see plenty of best-on-the-net lists looking at some of the best Netflix content for the year. While the top tentpoles will undoubtedly be selected, we wanted to select five underrated hidden gems added to the service in 2022.

Speaking of the best lists, we recently posted our favorite movies of the year and the best K-dramas, with more to come.

lost ollie (Limited Series)

ollie lost hidden gem netflix 2022

Image: Netflix

The beautifully crafted and heartbreaking miniseries. lost ollie is easily taking the top spot on this list given that it sadly didn’t make the top 10 on Netflix worldwide.

Produced by Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps Entertainment and LucasFilm-owned Industrial Light & Magic, the story revolves around a damaged little bunny who does everything he can to get back to his owner.

Strong voice performances by Tim Blake Nelson, Mary J. Blige, and Jonathan Groff enhance the incredible visuals and will only take you less than four hours in total.

It’s a perfect watch for the whole family, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Month (Season 1)

mo season 1 netflix hidden gem 2022

Image: Netflix / A24 Television

Netflix has had a tough time lately with its comedy slate. Either things don’t hit the mark, don’t break through, or comedy “just isn’t funny anymore.” As we’ve covered, not a single new comedy series Netflix released in 2022 has been renewed yet and Mo’s inclusion on that list is a tragedy.

Mo Amer creates and stars in the series which has a lot to balance but perfectly executes the darker themes and comedy for a genuinely funny and heart-filled series.

Sadly, after briefly appearing in Netflix’s top 10 globally, a season 2 seems unlikely as the creator and main star are unsure about the show’s future.

the sound of magic

the sound of netflix magic coming in may 2022 cleanup

Image: Netflix

Following the explosion in popularity of Korean series on Netflix after Squid Game, you would have thought of a big-budget fantasy series like the sound of magic It would break, but sadly it didn’t.

Filled with special effects and magic, the series (also known as annarasumanara) is about a young high school student who meets a mysterious magician at a carnival, she decides to follow her dream of becoming one.

It scored well with critics and the viewing public, but sadly it didn’t make it to the mainstream.

Munich: on the brink of war

munich on the edge of war netflix

Image: Netflix

Maybe it’s a function of time (the movie was released in January 2022) or the fact that All calm on the west front has really taken all the glory when it comes to historical movie dramas for the year, but we think Munich: on the brink of war it deserved a larger share of the audience than it ultimately did.

The German-British period spy thriller starring Jeremy Irons and George MacKay told the story of World War II in a way rarely seen, the days and weeks leading up to the most devastating war the world has ever seen. . It weaves a great narrative and thanks to the magnificent performances it has stayed with me all year.

supergiant robot brothers

supergiant robot brothers

Super Giant Robot Brothers – Picture: Netflix

Netflix is ​​looking more and more towards the established IP when it comes to its list of animated movies and series, leaving the original stories to battle for the remaining spots on the list.

One of the original series that launched on Netflix kids programming in 2022 that didn’t get enough attention was Supergiant robot brothers.

Created by Víctor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres, the beautifully animated title is about two giant robots who discover that they will have to unite and fight the intergalactic evil that threatens the very survival of Earth.

It’s simplistic in nature, but that makes it all the more effective with its easy-to-follow story and engaging characters.

Ten episodes have been released as part of the first season, and it’s unclear at the time of publishing if more are on the way.

Those are our picks for the best hidden gems of 2022; What are yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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