“I also ended up at the psychologist and medicated”


Pillar (fictitious name) is mother of a 14 year old girl who at 12 fell into the anorexic. The miner gave rocking from side to side to be served by mental health specialists. In the child and adolescent mental health centers (CSMIJ), knocked them all down by the alarm increase in mental disorders (especially in children and adolescents) and because public investments remain insufficient, It was not possible, since they assisted her once every five weeks. Obviously insufficient attention. Pilar had no choice but to After a year wander in public health, go to a private clinic, who pays with the help of the family and where they visit him once a week.

The Her daughter’s illness ended up making her sick: “I had to go to the psychologist too. And to treat to get over it. I acted like a mother, a psychologist and a policewoman”, she recalls today. This is the story of a neighbor of Girona that, under strict anonymity, tells EL PERIÓDICO about his personal odyssey to get help for his daughter.

“It all started two years ago, when the girl was 12. It started with a restrictive anorexia. There are many factors why they get sick from something like this, in his case it was the ‘intimidation'”, explains the mother. Until then her daughter was a “super normal girl”, “studious”, “good”. “But he started ESO first and started suffering from multiple girls harassment and psychological crushing about the body”. That’s when the girl started “fall into the well” “The institute was not what she thought, her friends made fun of her.”

Gradually he began to “to close in on oneself” being “very quiet”, “very sad”, spending “many hours in the bedroom”. up too much started to stop eating. It was in May 2020. “Fortunately, I I understood immediately. The teachers they also alerted quickly. They told me that the girl’s character had changed,” says Pilar.

The mother began to investigate Google. “O everything led me to an eating disorder (ED). My daughter is now starting, two years later, to realize what happened. Until recently, according to her, she had had a bad time, I was not aware of the seriousness of this disease”, count the woman.

Without help to turn to

The anorexia from which her daughter suffers It was not one of the “most drastic”. It was restrictive anorexia, in which food is very limited. “He wasn’t vomiting, he wasn’t self-harming. But hidden food Desserts and snacks have been removed. She started to eat as little as possible.” Within a few months, the young girl lost 18 pounds. From 58 years old (he measures 1.60), he remained at 40. Now he is 46 kilos. “It takes a lot to regain weight, despite the fact that now he is eating very well. Since she was little, development has stopped. And here we go.” The first summer with the disease, that of 2020, the young girl did not want to go to the beach or, if she went, she did it with a sweatshirt.

For Pilar, this process was particularly difficult due to the therapy. He assures that they did not help them “anywhere” and that they had “a very bad time”. “I first looked for a private psychologist, but he told me that it was depression and that he didn’t want to treat it, but only do therapy. It was five months and every day the girl was more sunken”, Pillar account. So he went to see the family doctor.

At the health center, they visited her, weighed her and looked at her, and confirmed that “Everything pointed to anorexia.” But since the girl did not hurt herself and never stopped eating completely, they did not admit her to a day hospital. “They referred her to a CSMIJ. There, she had a psychologist specializing in eating disorders, but not a nutritionist For these things you need a multidisciplinary team”, assures the mother.

40-minute visits every 5 weeks

The problem is that the CSMIJ visited the girl every five weeks. “40 minutes every five weeks… The girl was getting worse I continued to lose weight I was very closed, I spoke to no one and I didn’t want to go to school. I spoke several times with the pediatrician to increase his visits, and nothing”, says Pilar.

that same The CAP pediatrician ended up recommending that they go to the clinic. And Pilar ended up with her daughter in a clinic that had an eating disorder unit. It was in April 2021, it’s been a year already since the girl started with anorexia. “My daughter was never admitted. But in this clinic they do therapy every week and have a nutritionist. Why must we follow dietary guidelines”. These guidelines include, for example, covering mirrors in the house or not eating in a restaurant. Pilar has to cook very specific foods.

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The girl is medicated for a psychiatrist, who also diagnosed social phobia and depression. “At school, she is doing well. She is very recovered, but for example, she still has a lot of obsession with the size of clothes. Yes phobia of sweets It’s very slow work,” says the mother.

To can pay private clinic Pillar needed familiar help. and go too reduce your own expenses. “I removed the mutual. The character of the young girl has changed, she says: “Now she is very demanding, very perfectionist… She is afraid of being judged. She fell in there for the social pressure; other children, through social networks”, concludes this mother.

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