Imovane (Zopiclone)

Active action of Generic Zopiclone in Imovane

Do you realize how important is sleeping to our body? It’s not just rest, it’s our opportunity to get back the power spent for the day, the time during which all the work processes in the body are to be normalized. Have you noticed how your body behaves when not getting enough sleep? You can become very nervous, your mood worsens, productivity in work falls. To all this not to affect negatively on your body and life in general, medicine has developed an excellent drug. It will give you a healthy and quality sleep at the end of each working day.

Among the qualities of the drug, there are a few basic groups. Of course, it has a hypnotic and relaxing effect, but it also acts as a relaxant, at the muscular level. This psychotropic medicine in structure does not at all resemble the existing drugs from the barbiturate class. The action of the drug called Imovane can be described as a mixture of sedative and hypnotic effect. This drug naturally and gently affects the receptors that are in the nervous system; that is why its activity is so high. Thanks to the natural action of the medicine, the body quickly falls asleep, and simultaneously, it easily enters the phase of long sleep without nervous awakening and disruption of the rest.

Imovane is a drug that quickly leaves the human body. This action leaves no traces: Generic Imovane will leave your body after six hours. In this case, Generic Imovane is not involved in metabolism, the active substance Generic Zopiclone guarantees minimal side effects, including those related to residual sleepiness after awakening.

Who should use Zopiclone in Imovane?

Pay close attention to this medicine in case you experience regular problems with sleep or just often wake up for no reason. In addition, indications for use are considered too early awakening and a variety of sleep disorders, which may be a side effect of mental illness.

Imovane treats insomnia of any degree, helps to get rid of the problem with a too long or, on the contrary, too quick awakening and other negative moments that literally “poison” your sleep. Imovane is a drug that does not have negative effects in a dream; it helps, on the contrary, to eliminate the risk of aggravation of various problems during the period when you are sleeping.

Imovane is a drug in the treatment with which you should refer to the instructions. The duration of this drug taking usually does not exceed one month.

Dosage of Zopiclone in the composition of Imovane

The dose of the drug for a patient in a state of moderate severity does not exceed 7.5 mg. In this case, you can always increase the dose in the event that insomnia is in a very serious condition. Remember: the maximum increased dose in no case should exceed 15 mg; otherwise, the risk of overdose is too high.

Regarding the restrictions, it is strongly advised to prevent from taking Imovane by elderly patients in large quantities. Let the dosage amount be 3.75 mg. Exceed this dose only if the body has showed a good reaction to the drug. The same applies to diseases of the internal organs: in a case of problems with the liver, consider the minimum dosage. Imovane does not affect the kidneys, so do not be afraid to take a dosage of 7.5 mg in the presence of kidney disease.

Possible side effects of Zopiclone

Imovane can provoke the appearance of side effects after taking the drug. The most frequent and safe effects are:

  • bitter taste,
  • feeling of nausea and dizziness,
  • headaches and drowsiness.

Also possible:

  • manifestations of allergy,
  • loss of consciousness,
  • amnesia.


Zopiclone in Imovane may be dangerous for patients on several occasions. Contraindications include:

  • myasthenia gravis,
  • allergy to the drug,
  • impaired breathing,
  • age younger than 15 years,
  • pregnancy.

Imovane is absolutely forbidden to be used during the period when a woman is pregnant or is breastfeeding.

Storage rules for Imovane

Keep out of reach of children till the expiry date in a dry and cool place.

Possible overdose

There are no known cases of an overdose of Imovane. However, in such case, the reaction of the body will be individual, and if you feel any severe negative effects, you should consult a doctor.

Interaction of Imovane with other tablets

Refrain from taking Imovane with any other sleeping pills, antidepressants or pain medications. Refrain from alcohol. It is highly undesirable to drink erythromycin together with Imovane.

How can I buy Imovane?

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