Lasix (Furosemide)

General Information about Lasix

Generic Furosemide: the main part of the drug called Lasix. Generic Lasix has an active effect on the kidneys: it is an active stimulant that helps to remove excess fluid from the kidneys. The fact is that along with the excess fluid, all harmful substances, such as chlorides, salts, and other negative substances, are also to be removed from the kidneys. This effect on the body helps to get rid of edema. Of course, Generic Lasix is a diuretic drug that promotes excessive urine release. Thus, the body gets rid of excess fluid and cleanses itself. Lasix can have side effects: they are to be achieved due to a fact that an overdose of the drug can remove from the body not only harmful but also necessary substances.

Who should take Lasix?

Furosemide is a drug that helps get rid of edema. First of all, it is indicated for use by those patients who suffer from severity. Edema can appear for many reasons, but usually it is a disease of the internal organs, in particular of the kidneys or liver. Lasix also has a side effect: it can reduce the total amount of potassium in the composition of the blood of a person, but never lowers it below the norm. Thus, Lasix only affects the excess of potassium. Furosemide is indicated for use by hypertensive patients, including during the period of exacerbation, as well as by those who suffer from any stage of cirrhosis.


If you have at least one of these diseases, you are strongly advised not to take Generic Furosemide. List of contraindications:

  • severe kidney disease,
  • an allergy to any component of the drug,
  • increased critical level of sugar,
  • deficiency of potassium and other substances,
  • stenosis,
  • glomerulonephritis (kidney problems).

Also, you should seek help if you have the following serious illnesses:

  1. diabetes and other violations of the sugar balance,
  2. heart problems,
  3. problems with the intestines,
  4. disruption of the pancreas.

The more complete list is given in the instructions for the preparation. Important point: after the drug ceases to act and has an effect on the body, it ought to be discontinued.

Special Tips

Lasix is a drug that requires constant monitoring of the results. In the case you take Lasix for a long time, you need to keep track of the number of useful and important minerals in the blood, including sodium, potassium, and others.

During treatment, it is strongly recommended to refrain from taking alcohol, drugs etc. Also with special caution, Lasix should be taken by elderly patients.

Permissible amount of preparation

If you are already taking strong powerful drugs or have several serious illnesses, be sure to consult a doctor about the possibility of taking several drugs at the same time. The doctor will be able to prescribe the right dose. It is important to try to use the minimum possible dose since any strong drug has an effect on the body. Dosage can range from 20 to 80 mg of the drug. If you take 80 mg of medication, try to divide it into two doses. If necessary, the second injection can be increased by another 20 mg, but not more. A comprehensive treatment, where Lasix will be an auxiliary drug, is also possible.

Possible side effects

The drug Lasix affects the microflora and the composition of the blood. That is why it can provoke not only a lack of useful substances but also a decrease in the level of pressure. This, in turn, provokes the following side effects:

  • headaches and dizziness until the loss of consciousness,
  • danger of seizures,
  • dry mouth and impaired appetite,
  • heart problems,
  • heaviness in the abdomen and stomach colic.

Depending on how severe a disease you are suffering from is and on the condition of your internal organs, the side effects can be more or less severe. Your age and your diet are also important. Depending on each specific organism, the reaction to the drug in any amount directly depends on it. Lasix can sometimes adversely affect the condition of male erectile function, so this should not shock you.

Storage Rules

Always monitor the expiration date and store the drug in a dark dry place. It is important not to give Lasix to children and animals, be sure to exclude the possibility of direct sunlight falling on the packaging. Use according to the instructions.

How can I buy Lasix?

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