Levitra (Vardenafil)

Principle of action of Levitra with active substance Vardenafil

Levitra and the active substance Vardenafil affect the penis and help to expand the arteries that allow blood to flow more easily into the penis and increase not only its size but also the duration of the erection. In this case, increased blood flow also helps to maintain an excited state of the penis, even during the sexual intercourse. Levitra operates for about five hours. Usually, this time is enough even for the longest-running act and getting a full-fledged bright pleasure. You can safely call Levitra the most potent drug from the entire line of pathogens, which also include drugs such as Cialis and Sildenafil.

One of the most common diseases and problems in the world is erectile dysfunction. More than a third part of men suffers from this disease, and patients can be of any age, contrary to the stereotypes that young men do not suffer from this ailment. The work on the treatment of this problem is very intensive. One of the most successful results of the experiments is Vardenafil in the composition of Levitra.

Levitra and Dosage

Please note: the minimum dose of the drug is very modest; it is only 20 mg, while many other drugs require far more impressive doses. However, if you have not experienced any improvement or have not achieved the desired result to the fullest, you can always increase the dose by half, to 40 mg. The dose of the drug for the average man does not exceed 20 mg. This amount of medicine can be taken without fear once a day. In this case, Levitra acts quickly enough. Its effect is manifested at most 20 minutes after the beginning of the reception. Drinking alcohol does not affect the result, but alcohol can lead to intoxication, which can adversely affect the side effects. Levitra’s effect is very gentle; it passes gradually and naturally.

If you want to increase the dose significantly, you need to see a doctor: based on your tests and the state of the body, the medical worker can make the right conclusion and prescribe the most effective, but safe dose of the medicine.

Advantages of using Levitra

The main effect of this drug is to help precisely in maintaining the potency of a man. Levitra is not a stimulant. It does not contain a large number of chemicals. Instead, the drug acts very gently and therefore the effect is felt as completely natural. The erection is quite elastic, strong, and lasting.

Contraindications for use Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra and other substances based on Vardenafil should not be used in the case of diseases:

  • of cardio-vascular system,
  • connected with pressure,
  • of liver and kidney,
  • associated with allergic reactions to the active component of the drug.

Also, the drug should not be taken together with other medicines containing nitrates.

Another contraindication is the prohibition of taking the drug for patients under 18 years of age.

Possible side effects of Generic Vardenafil in Levitra

Generic Levitra is a safe and fully tested drug. However, there may be side effects. The most common, safe and fast-passing effects of Levitra are:

  • migraine and dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • redness of the skin,
  • runny nose,
  • back pain.

If for some reason the effect does not go away for a long time or becomes too painful, you should consult a doctor for help.

The effectiveness of Levitra

This drug Generic Levitra and the active ingredient Vardenafil are effective in more than 80% of cases, according to studies conducted by medical institutions.

Levitra Storage Conditions

Store Levitra at room temperature and avoid exposure to sunlight. Do not give the drug to children. Observe the expiry dates.

Where to buy Generic Levitra?

You can buy Levitra online at any online pharmacy. You should only find the best offer and buy Vardenafil online at a discount. Note: the advantage of online pharmacy is that here you can find the medicine without prescription, and to buy it without problems with a convenient delivery. To buy Levitra without prescription, just add the necessary amount of the drug to your shopping cart and pay it in a way convenient for you. Right after that you need to wait for confirmation of payment and then you can place your order for delivery of Vardenafil without prescription to the right address. Delivery will arrive quickly and you will be able to enjoy the effect of this drug in the shortest possible time. Know all the joy and pleasure of an intimate life together with high-quality drugs available in our pharmacy!

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