Medics once again show muscle and demand specific upgrades for their guild

  • The stoppage is again noticeable in hospitals and CAPs, and the union, which brings together 5,000 doctors in Parliament, is clearly demanding a salary increase apart from the rest of the toilets

In the street they were less than yesterday but it did not affect the shutdown of hospitals and primary care centers (CAP) of Catalonia. Some 5,000 doctors, according to the Guàrdia Urbana (they were 9,500 on Wednesday), they took to the streets of Barcelona this Thursday to demand improvements in welfare and wages.

East second day of strike they seconded him practically the same doctors as the day before, Well, in the morning shift, the strike had a 70% tracking according to the Metges de Catalunya (MC) union and a 30% according to the Ministry of Health (27% in hospitals and 33% in CAP).

Doctors and Salut resume negotiations this Friday to try to find an agreement

Once again immersed in a Festive and demanding atmosphere, The doctors met this Thursday at 10:00 a.m. in the square of Sant Jaume, They walked the Via Laietana and arrived at the Parliament, where the soundtrack of the movie ‘Titanic’ alluding to public health collapse. The union, which called for the mobilization of certain 25,000 Catalan public health doctors, She was on this day clearer than ever in her demands.

“The demographic crisis is medical and must provide specific solutions for the group. there must be a specific output for doctors and the government can do it”, assured the general secretary of Metges de Catalunya, Xavier Leonart, of Parliament. Lleonart said the union would also support the general measures to improve public health but, now unambiguously, he openly asked specific upgrades for your guild. In the next decade in Catalonia approximately 9,000 physicians will retire for which there is no intended replacement.

And these improvements are linked to the Quality of care, but also with him salary. The union is asking to put a stop doctors diaries (Hi is more in favor of self-organization) and receive a direct object on the payroll without going through any negotiation table. The department sees fair this salary increase, as deputy director of the Catalan health service (CatHi), Alfredo Garcia, but he doesn’t share the forms because he insists he has to go through a negotiation table.

exactly that position of the medical community was the one who led the others healthcare workers, such as nurses and nursing aides, to organize these days separate demonstrations from those of doctors, yes, called by minority unions who didn’t have the appeal of Metges de Catalunya.

“We do not cry or charge: we emigrate”

At 10 a.m., a thousand doctors were already concentrated in the Plaza de Sant Jaume. Some have been grouped by specialty: pediatricians, gynecologists, dentists, clinical psychologists, oncologists… “To abuse pediatrics is to abuse children”, “Dentists are health care”, “Elementary gynecologists in danger of extinction” were some of the posters they carried.

There were also banners with a funnier tone, like the one that said ‘We doctors no longer cry or charge: we emigrate’, alluding to Shakira’s last song about her breakup with Gerard Pique. She was not the only one: “Clearly, it splashes us all”, read another banner carried by a group of clinical psychologists. Although they are not doctors, they are also part of public health.

Some of the songs that have been heard are ‘Aragonès, mutual quina ets’, as good as ‘And you, Balcells, of which you are the mutual quina?’. The rise of private mutuals is one of the concerns of the medical community, since it is about loss of trustworthy of the population in public health due to the lack of resources. In a city like Barcelona, ​​for example, 40% of the population already has a private insurance company (a historical record), while the number of dissatisfaction to primary care (increasingly precarious), as revealed by the Barcelona City Council’s latest health survey.

“Summon Success”

After 12 p.m., the demonstration of the doctors reached the Parliament, where they were welcomed by deputies from the ‘comuns’ (Jèssica Albiach, David Cid), from the PSC (Assumpta Escarp, Beatriz Silva) and from the CUP (Eulàlia Reguant). There, as the culmination of the walk, the doctors lifted some disposable white coats and they threw them to the ground in protest.

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“The image is quite obvious. It has become a call success. More than half of the medical collective that works in Catalonia is here and the other half is on minimum service. Now they are clear that we are angry and cohesive”, Lleonart remarked to the media. claimed “solutions now”.

This Friday at 12 hours the union will meet again with Salut, but Lleonart has already argued that, given the success of the appeal, the offer of the ‘conselleria’ must be even better than Tuesday, during the last negotiation between the parties. According to union sources, everything suggests that this Friday nothing will close and will continue negotiations on Monday to avoid the strike also scheduled for February 1, 2 and 3.

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