M&M’s replaces cartoon ‘spokescandies’ with Maya Rudolph after Fox News backlash


Following controversy over its mascot update last year, M&M’s announced Monday it is taking an “indefinite hiatus” from using its candy-covered mascots, saying the “last thing M&M’s wanted” was to “polarize.”

M&M’s he said in a tweet that it is instead choosing actress Maya Rudolph as its spokesperson, someone the brand said “America can agree with.”

Mars Inc., the parent company of M&M’s, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Neither did Rudolph’s reps.

Rudolf he told TODAY.com that she is “thrilled” to represent the brand in a Super Bowl ad on February 12.

“I am a lifelong lover of sweets and I feel it is a great honor to be asked to be a part of the campaign for such a legendary brand,” said Rudolph.

M&M’s “spoke candy” has drawn the ire of right-wing outlets including Fox News in recent weeks after the company announced a new “Flip the status quo” Campaign. The campaign raised money to support women in the creative industries and featured limited-edition candy bags featuring the three female “sweet spokespersons.”

Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson lashed out “woke up M&Ms” on a recent broadcast. She made similar complaints about the candy last January after M&M’s announced an all-inclusive new look.

In its Monday statement, M&M’s said it “definitely didn’t think it would break the Internet.”

“But now we get it, even sweet shoes can be polarizing,” the brand wrote. “Which is the last thing M&M’s wanted, as our goal is to bring people together.”

The brand said it is “confident” Rudolph will “champion the power of fun to create a world where everyone feels like they belong.”

Many responded to the online ad with surprise and disappointment.

“They fired the M&Ms”, a user wrote.

“Give me back my sexy green m&m,” she wrote. another user.

Some fans liked the spokesperson change, while others felt that M&M should have gone with another celebrity.

“Replacing all-female sweet M&M spokespeople with Maya Rudolph is trolling on another level,” one person said. wrote.

“Maya Rudolph is a living legend, but I’m really curious if they considered Eminem because…well…you know.” another said.

others online quickly caught in the Super Bowl tie.

“It’s January 23. They literally murdered Mr. Peanut on January 22, 2020, this is an obvious rumor of a bad Super Bowl publicity plan,” one user wrotereferring to when Planters said that Mr. Peanut died during a pre-Super Bowl announcement in 2020.

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