Netflix Movie ‘The Piano Lesson’: Everything We Know So Far


Opening night of “Piano Lesson” on Broadway – Image: Getty Images

Netflix is ​​set to produce an adaptation of the critically acclaimed play. the piano Lesson, which recently ran on Broadway and featured Samuel L. Jackson and John David Washington.

The film will be directed by malcolm washingtonfor whom the piano Lesson It will be his directorial debut. He previously was a second unit director on the last bookstore and The Troublesome Man. The screenplay is co-written by Malcolm Washington and Virgil Williams (Mudbound, 24, Criminal Minds).

the piano Lesson is produced by Denzel Washington and Katia Washington, along with Todd Black.

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(L-R) Malcolm Washington, Katia Washington, Pauletta Washington and Denzel Washington

Netflix first announced that it was adapting August Wilson’s play in March 2021. It is its second adaptation of August Wilson after Ma Rainey’s Black Bottomwhich earned Netflix two Oscars upon its release in late 2021.

What is the plot of the piano Lesson?

1542 Samuel L. Jackson and John David Washington in THE PIANO LESSON

from netflix the piano Lesson is based on the 1987 play of the same name written by August Wilson to great critical and commercial acclaim. He was nominated for several Tony Awards, and Wilson won a Pulitzer Prize in 1990.

The play was already adapted into a movie in 1995 and starred Charles S. Dutton, Alfre Woodard, Carl Gordon, and more.

In 2010, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis starred in August Wilson’s Broadway revival of Fences. They both won Tony Awards for their roles.

The play recently returned to Broadway, dubbed the “event of the season,” with the final run on Broadway. on January 29, 2023. It had its opening night in October 2022 and has had very good reviews from critics and audiences like.

Here’s the Netflix plot synopsis the piano Lesson:

“At the heart of the story is the ornate and carved upright piano that, a prized and hard-earned possession of the Charles family, has been gathering dust in the parlor of Berniece Charles’ Pittsburgh home. When Berniece’s exuberant brother, Boy Willie, bursts into her life with dreams of buying the same Mississippi land his family had slaved, he plans to sell his antique piano for the money he needs to play. his future. But Berniece refuses to sell, clinging to the piano as a reminder of the history that is his family legacy. This dilemma is the real “piano lesson,” reminding us that blacks are often deprived of both symbols of their past and opportunities in the present.”

who is cast in the piano Lesson?

No cast members have been confirmed for the Netflix movie as of yet, officially.

It’s unclear if Samuel L. Jackson, John David Washington, or Danielle Brooks will appear as they did in the recent Broadway show.

cast for netflix the piano lesson broadway play

Piano Lesson Cast

We know that a casting call was issued for various roles in late February 2023, including Maretha, Grace, Boy Charles, Dolly, Crawley, Sutter, Young Boy Willie, Mama Ola, and Miss Ophelia.

What is the production status of the piano Lesson?

from netflix the piano Lesson is currently in pre-production, with filming scheduled for April 17, 2023. Production will primarily take place in Atlanta, USA.

What is the Netflix release date? the piano Lesson?

Netflix has not announced a release date for the piano Lessonbut given its possible start of filming in April 2023, it would be reasonable to assume that the film will be released sometime in the second half of 2024.

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