Netflix Series ‘The Gentlemen’: Everything We Know So Far


The Gentleman Movie – Image: STXfilms

Guy Ritchie is on board to produce a series adaptation of his 2019 film The Knights, starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell and more. Filming is already underway, so here’s what we know about the upcoming Netflix series.

As revealed by Deadline, Ritchie will direct the first two episodes of the series and is working on the series under his production company Toff Guy Films. The prolific director also co-wrote the first episode with matthew read (Curfew, Peaky Blinders). Ritchie Executive Producer The Knights alongside Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies and Bill Block, his fellow producers on the film.

Marc Helwig is an executive producer for Miramax TV; Will Gould and Matthew Read produce for Moonage. Laura Jackson is also listed as a producer and John Jackson is attached as a writer on the project.

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Boy Ritchie Netflix

Boy Ritchie Netflix

With this Netflix deal, The Knights will come full circle, as it was originally pitched as a TV series before being transformed into a feature film.

speaking to Time In early 2023, Ritchie spoke about working on the series, saying:

“The appeal of The Gentleman is that it is a television series. I have to say, it’s a seductive departure from just making movies. When you realize how immersive you can be within certain worlds, television becomes very attractive.”

Here’s Everything We Know About Netflix The Knights:

What is the plot of The Knights?

the gentlemen jpg 1200x0 crop q85

The Knights The film follows American expat Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), who built a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he is looking to take money out of the business for good, plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail are unleashed to steal his domain.

Here’s the official synopsis for the upcoming series:

“The series follows Eddie Halstead, who inherited his father’s considerable estate only to discover that it is at the top of a weed empire owned by the legendary Mickey Pearson. Does this soldier have what it takes to master the dark arts of the British criminal underworld and take control of the entire operation?

Is The Knights movie on netflix?

Many regions are broadcasting The Knights at the time of publication. Regions currently streaming the film include:

  • netflix uk
  • netflix canada
  • netflix spain
  • netflix south korea
  • & further.

We also have good news for those in the United States. Netflix US is ready to receive the movie on May 1, 2022.

Who is in the cast of Netflix? The Knights?

divergent actor theo james assumes the role of Eddie Halstead. James has previously starred in a number of Netflix Originals in voice roles for series including Castlevania as Hector and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf as young Vesemir.

the gentlemen series netflix season 1 theo james

Kaya Scodelario She recently starred in the rebooted Resident Evil film as Claire Redfield, but is best known for starring in the Maze Runner trilogy and in the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Scodelario will play the role of Susie Glass.

the gentlemen series netflix season 1 kaya scodelario

joel richarson has been cast as Lady Sabrina, meanwhile, a former footballer turned actor vinnie jones has been cast as Geoff Seacombe. daniel ings will play the role of what we assume to be Eddie’s brother, Freddy Halstead. Alexis Rodney has been cast in the role of Stevens.

Finally, in unnamed roles, breaking bad and Better call Saul star Giancarlo Esposito has been issued, along with Pedro Serafinowicz.

the gentlemen series netflix season 1 cast

Cast of the Netflix series The Gentlemen

Additional stars we’ve found attached to the series include:

  • chanel creswell (vera) as tammy
  • jose finan (hell boy, the responder) as Jethro
  • daniel ings (I hate Suzie, lovesick) as Freddie Halstead
  • Joely Richardson (pinch/poke and event horizon)

Will the original cast of the film return to their roles?

The original film starred Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Jeremy Strong, Michelle Dockery, and Hugh Grant. All of these big stars may return, but none have been confirmed so far.

What is also possible is a partial return, where we may see one or two original actors, but not all of them.

the knights movie

Image: Miramax

How many episodes will there be in The Knights?

Now we can confirm that the series will have a total of eight episodes of 60 minutes each. ritchie boy will direct at least two episodes.

They are also running the project:

  • they were creevy He is also attached to direct an episode of the series. Creevy has previously worked on Suspicious and Welcome to the Punch.
  • David Caffrey It is also attached to direct Previous projects include divorcing jack and Love Hate.
  • Nima Nourizadeh will lead the “Second blockfrom the series. Previous projects include Project X, london gangs, and ultra american.

What is the production status of The Knights?

We first reported that filming was scheduled to begin in November 2022. Filming officially began on November 7, 2022. Filming was originally intended to continue until May 2023 and was eventually extended to June 9, 2023.

filming concluded netflix the gentlemen

Filming of The Gentlemen finished

Filming for the series took place in London, UK.

In November 2022, the DailyMail reported that the series had been filming in central London with Kaya Scodelario and Theo James filming outside a terraced house with someone deceased on the doorstep.

In March 2023, the daily mail reported that the show was being filmed at The Badminton Estate in South Gloucestershire with Theo James driving a vintage blue car.

What is the Netflix release date? The Knights?

Netflix has not announced any dates for The Knights.

However, a late 2023 release date could be in the cards as soon as possible (several résumés with The Gentlemen listed indicate a 2023 release date); most reports suggest that the series will debut on Netflix globally in 2024.

Are you looking forward to Netflix? The Knights series? Let us know in the comments below.

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