Pharmacists award medicines and the most outstanding personalities and institutions of the year.


The president of the General Council, Jesús Aguilar, recalled that “Pharmacy is a guarantee of social and territorial cohesion in terms of social and health care.”

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he General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges delivered on December 12th its traditional Panorama Awards, which recognize the most innovative medicines of the year; and the Medals of the Pharmaceutical Profession, which distinguish the contribution of pharmacists and institutions to the progress of Pharmacy. The event took place at the Gran Teatro CaixaBank Príncipe Pío, chaired by the Secretary of State for Health, Javier Padilla, among other personalities.

The Panorama Prize has been awarded to Nirsevimab (Beyfortus®) on medications against respiratory syncytial virus developed by AstraZeneca and two Honorable Mentions were awarded to the drugs Imlifidase (Idefirix®) from Hansa Biopharma and Vosoritida (Voxzogo®) from BioMarin.

The Medals of the Pharmaceutical Profession constitute recognition of pharmacists, institutions or entities that have stood out in their professional activity, for their contribution to the advancement and progress of Pharmacy. In this edition, we have recognized Pedro Claros, Isabel Tovar Zapata, María Luisa Pita Toledo and, posthumously, to Dominique Jordan and Alba Mª Soutelo. As an entity, it has been decided to grant the Medal of the Profession also to the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER).

The Secretary of State for Health, Javier Padilla, highlighted during his speech that “the future of community pharmacy in the next decade will depend on the ability we have to promote the most healthcare part of pharmacy.” In this sense, he insisted that “if we really believe that the healthcare field and the capillarity that the pharmacy model that we have in Spain provides us with is a value for the population, we must bet on it.”

Furthermore, Padilla appealed to the scientific nature of the pharmaceutical profession, referring to the profile of the professionals recognized with the Medals: “people linked to public health, academia, community pharmacy, primary, hospital; “Only from the best scientific knowledge available is where we can understand the need for a strong pharmacy for the next decade.”

The president of the General Council, Jesús Aguilar, recalled that in this event the profession “renews its commitment to the health and well-being of citizens, rewarding pharmacological innovation and recognizing professionals and institutions.”

In addition, Aguilar offered the Pharmacy to “overcome the collective challenges of the National Health System, a system that has to strengthen Primary Care and expand it, while guaranteeing long-term sustainability.” Among the proposals, he pointed out the need to “bet – decisively – on collaboration between Hospital Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy in the dispensing of hospital medications, a collaboration launched during the pandemic, from which patients from six Communities already benefit.” Autonomous, but we have to make it available – as soon as possible – at 5:00 p.m.

Public Health is another of the pillars that “we must strengthen in this legislature,” highlighted the president of the pharmacists, who has insisted on the potential of pharmacies “that serve more than two million three hundred thousand people daily, and offer great capacity to generate data of great value and health intelligence, as is already done in the sentinel networks that operate in numerous Autonomous Communities. For all this, -said Aguilar- “we must keep in mind that the Community Pharmacy reaches where no other health resource reaches.”

In this sense, the president of the General Council insisted that “Pharmacy is a guarantee of social and territorial cohesion in terms of socio-health care”, which is why he has requested that “the pilot project of the Rural Community Pharmacy Program be launched “, endorsed by the Ministries of Health, Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, and Social Rights and Agenda 2030.”

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