‘Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury’ is coming to Netflix in Fall 2023


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More Forest ranger The episodes are coming to Netflix. Season 30 of cosmic fury will head to Netflix in the fall of 2023 globally along with a 30th anniversary special debut in April 2023.

Please note: This article was first published on September 2, 2022, and has been updated over time to reflect new updates.

Until 2021, Nickelodeon held the rights to new Power Rangers episodes (Netflix received episodes after the initial airing), but that all changed once we heard rumors that Netflix would become the sole distributor of dinosaur fury season 2 (or season 29 of the show).

dinosaur fury Season 2 came to Netflix exclusively in two parts. The first half dropped in early 2022, and the second came to Netflix US on September 27, 2022.

Power Rangers Season 30 Coming to Netflix Exclusively

Netflix Family confirmed that Netflix would be reception cosmic fury in 2023 via a Facebook post on September 1.

Their Facebook page says:

“We are proud to announce that Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury will begin filming this fall and will debut next year! For the first time since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the current cast will return for a third season!

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Logo

Image: Hasbro

Season 30 was first revealed in late August 2022 at PMC 2022, along with the announcement that Simon Bennet would once again serve as executive producer. Becca Barnes and Alywn Dale will be the writers for the new season.

According to the announcement, all of the cast members of dinosaur fury are coming back, including:

  • russell curry as Zayto, the Red Ranger
  • deno hunter as Amelia Jones the Pink Ranger
  • Kai Moya as Ollie Akana, the Blue Ranger
  • Tessa Rao as Izzy Garcia, the Green Ranger
  • Chance Perez as Javi Garcia, the Black Ranger
  • Jordan Fite as Aiyon, the Gold Ranger

This is completely new for the franchise, as we’ve always seen the “changing of the guard” after two seasons of each entry.

power rangers cosmic fury new costumes

New costumes for Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury

Teasing the show’s 30th season in a Hasbro Pulse Live Streamwriters Becca Barnes and Alwyn Dale said:

“For season 30, what we wanted to do was take risks and make the kind of Power Rangers show that we always wanted to bring to the screen. For our team, that meant interconnected stories, big suspenseful moments, and constantly raising the stakes.”

Simon Bennet, on the broadcast, said: “It’s great to be able to tell a continuous story across ten episodes because historically it was 22-episode seasons, of which we shot 44-episode seasons in one big group and then split them up over the course of the day. fingers. Years ago, you end up with a lot of standalone episodes, and there’s not the same ability to build tension and build dramatic stakes in the way that you can if you have a big interconnected story like we do. So, there’s no filler in season 30.”

Hasbro Pulse Power Rangers 30 Fanstream

Hasbro Pulse Livestream for the 30th Anniversary of Power Rangers

This is just one of the new Power Rangers projects expected to be in development for Netflix, including what’s known as a “Power Rangers Universe” that’s believed to consist of new shows and movies.

Unfortunately for Power Rangers fans, most of the first few seasons of Power Rangers remain off of Netflix. That’s after removing 722 episodes from the first seasons and specials removed in February 2021.

Are you waiting for season 30 of Forest ranger Is it coming to Netflix in late 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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