Recommendations of pediatricians on the symptoms of streptococcus A


The impact of respiratory infections maintains Health in a situation of “active monitoring”. After the two miners deceased and cases reported in the Community of Madrid, pediatricians report on the current situation in Spain regarding the streptococcus Aa bacterium whose infection can lead to disease invasive. Between the symptom of this disease, which mainly affects boys and girlsare sore throat, fever and swollen tonsils.

Despite the fact that most boys and girls tend to have pathologies benign of these infections UKwhere they were reported up to 16 deaths by ‘streptococcus’, have already issued a alert sanitary.

Development in Spain

Although statistics show a slight decrease in the incidence of infections respiratoryThe two deceased miners and the 14 cases of children between 1 and 12 years old registered in the Community of Madrid since last October have alert for the country. For now, Health remains in a state of “active monitoring”and keep collecting Data on the number of patients with this disease to compare them with those of previous years.

Symptoms and Recommendations

As experts explain, the ‘pyogenic streptococcus’ is a well-known toilet bacterium, the effects of which spread through pathways similar to those of covidwhether respiratory dropletscontact the oral or nasal mucosaor with exudates of skin lesions. Although these bacteria often have consequences benign, What infections of throatof the skinof injuries Yes scarlet feverthere may be cases where the disease leads to invasive infection.

For this reason, doctors recommend going the emergencies in case the symptoms of high fever Either breathing difficulties of the patient worsen. It should be noted that streptococcal infection can be transmitted to 24 hours after completing antibiotic treatment with penicillin Either amoxicillinit is therefore advisable to maintain hygiene measures such as hand washing and even the mask use in case of symptoms.

UK Alert

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Although the situation in Spain remains stable, in UK there is some concern about the data on the spread of streptococcus. Since the beginning of December, there has been a a significant increase the number of infections, in addition to the death of five less than 10 years old. While the figures for previous years were higher 146 casesthe third week of November reached 816 infected.

This increase in nearly two points in the incidence of children of between zero and four years led the health authorities to issue a “alert addressed to doctors, but not to the population”.

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