Salvation will create a new protocol for sexual violence that will put women “at the center”


The ‘counsellor’ of Health, Manel Balcells, announced on Thursday that his department will prepare next year a new protocol for attention to sexual violence which will put the woman “in the center”. He’s been doing it since hospital clinicwhere the Report of sexual assaults attended by this center over the past year. The figures are alarming: from January 1 to October 30, they increased by 51% in Barcelona compared to the same period of the previous year.

“Macho violence is a tearOh, sexual violence is a scourge of this gender-based violence,” said Balcells, who pointed out that the Clínic is a “pioneer” when it comes to solving this problem. “The impact that sexual violence has on health is great. Depressions, post-traumatic stress, consumption of toxic substances…”.

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He also pointed out that the “vast majority” of attackers are men (100% of the assaults recorded by the Clínic in its latest report were perpetrated by men). “And in many cases that abuser is known.”

Thus, the ‘advisor’ announced that next year Salut will develop a new sexual violence protocol “putting the woman at the center”. This will serve, he says, to “avoid re-victimization of the person with individualized follow-up” and will also address “obstetric violence”.

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