Season 2 of ‘The Sandman’: Netflix casting for four comic book characters


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The Sandman Season 2 will feature some new faces and we have a clearer timeline for when production on the next season will begin and end. what’s on netflix has learned that casting is underway for four characters from the comics: Delirium, Destiny, Wanda, and Destruction and that filming will begin in June 2023.

Before we dive into the new characters set to appear in Season 2, we should quickly note that Netflix is ​​still not calling the renewal a Season 2, but rather “more episodes” based on “multiple volumes” of the comics.

From these four characters and their descriptions, it seems apparent that the show will depart slightly from the comics. For example, fan favorite Wanda will take on a different story arc on the show. Also, volume 7, “Brief Lives”, seems to move ahead, and is told before volume 5, “A Game of You”.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, but based on the descriptions of the new characters, there seems to be some surprising changes.

Let’s take a look at the characters Netflix is ​​looking for:


delerium the sandman season 2 netflix

Image: DC Comics

One of the series’ most beloved characters, Delirium is the youngest of the Endless, the family of anthropomorphic personifications of seven natural forces. Formerly known as Delight, she has evolved into the epitome of deliciousness. She is childish, ditzy, and immature, though she very occasionally speaks rationally. She loves to say what she thinks. Her kingdom is incoherent and meaningless, symbolic of her character.

Delirium is first introduced in the comics in volume 4, “Season of Mists”, during a chaotic Endless family reunion. This story will be covered on the show. In addition, he will also skip a few volumes and adapt a Delirium-centric story, “Brief Lives,” in which he embarks on a journey alongside Dream to find his long-lost brother Destruction, who abandoned his post long ago.

Delirium’s appearance is constantly changing. She is best known for her hairstyles, piercings, and of course, mismatched eyes. Of all the characters set to be featured on the show, Delirium is among the most anticipated castings among fans.

In August 2022, Neil Gaiman discussed exploring delerium in a future season saying, “I loved Delirium because she wrote her own dialogue and most of the characters disappear,” adding, What I would have to do for Delirium is find a really good straight line and then write what she said and it’s Like, okay, this is great.”


destruction in the sandman season 2

Image: DC Comics

Destruction is the fourth major of all the Endless. As its name suggests, it embodies all things destructive… well, not exactly. In fact, he abandoned the kingdom and its duties in the 1700s after realizing that humanity causes its own destruction without his involvement. He has already been mentioned on the TV show; His brothers sometimes refer to him as The Prodigal.

Unlike the force he embodies, Destruction lives a life of peace in recluse. In fact, as a keen artist, he tends to create rather than destroy. He is portrayed as a handsome man with striking eyes and a hearty laugh. Although she misses his family, Destruction has no intention of returning to his role. He makes his first appearance in “Brief Lives,” which pretty much confirms that the show will jump volumes to tell this story.


destiny in the sandman season 2

Image: DC Comics

To complete the seven Endless, Destiny, the eldest of the family, will appear in the new episodes. Fate knows everything; he knows everything that has happened and everything that will happen. A blind, monk-like figure wanders his kingdom, a vast, ever-changing maze called The Garden of Forking Ways, containing a castle at its center, with a book chained to it. Although Destiny loves and cares for his siblings, he can’t tell them anything because he can’t alter any future events. Since he is omniscient, he knows his siblings better than they know themselves.

Destiny makes her first appearance in “Season of Mists”, where she summons Endless for a family reunion. In this scene we will meet both Destiny and Delirium for the first time.


wanda the sandman

Image: DC Comics

An interview with Niel Gaiman has already revealed that Wanda will appear in Season 2, but here’s some new information.

As mentioned above, these character descriptions hint at changes from the comics, and none of them are more significant than Wanda.z.

In the comics, Wanda is Barbie’s best friend. and plays a very important role in the “A Game of You” story arc. However, the show seems to further expand Wanda’s role. Wanda, a transgender woman, appears to fill in for Ruby DeLonge’s character on “Brief Lives.” This, of course, marks a big departure from the source material. She is a straight-talking, no-nonsense driver and security agent for a travel company. She helps Dream and Delirium on their quest to track down Destruction, becoming good friends along the way.

It is currently unclear if “A Game of You” will be adapted in the new batch of episodes or if Wanda will be involved. However, with Barbie’s future being teased in The Sandman the first season, “A Game of You” will no doubt be covered at some point.

The Sandman it shoots again in the summer of 2023.

Since Netflix doesn’t call the new episodes a second season and instead embraces something else, the shooting dates seem to reflect that.

Preliminarily, we hear that filming will take place from June 2023 to October 2023. The shots will return January 2024 to April 2024.

filming in the sandman

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Netflix will be running its Geeked Week and TUDUM events later this year, so be sure to tune in for some potential updates there. Until then, keep an eye on our The Sandman season 2 preview for everything we know and more.

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