Season 3 of ‘Hilda’: the final season is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2023


Hilda: The Series – Picture: Netflix

hilda, one of the best Netflix original children’s series, returns for a third and final season on Netflix. This follows the release of the movie, the king of the mountainwhich was thought to be the last installment of the hilda trip. Much has already been said about season 3 of hilda, so let’s dive in.

Before we look ahead, let’s take a quick look at where we’ve come from. Hilda: the series is based on Luke Pearson’s graphic novels of the same name.

The series first premiered on Netflix in September 2018, and since then we’ve seen two seasons released, and the movie (which was thought to be the final entry, but now isn’t), which premiered on the eve New Years 2021. .

that movie was called Hilda and the King of the Mountain and saw Hilda wake up in the body of a troll and must figure out how to become human again and save the city of Trolberg.

We now know, however, that hilda returns for its final adventure in the form of a third and final season.

when it was hilda renewed for season 3?

News of a third season was quietly announced by animation magazine in February 2022 as part of their 317th issue.

In the article, they confirm that a third and final season is on the way. Luke Pearson, the author of hildaconfirmed several key details about the upcoming third and final season, saying:

“The third season will move on from the events of the film and venture into new territory. Although there will be some detours, it’s a more focused and ongoing story than we’ve told before, which is exciting. Sadly, it will be the final season, but I’m excited for people to see what we have in store, especially since we’re beyond the books, so it’s a surprise. I would say it’s less about verifying what we’ve seen before, and more about exploring aspects of Hilda’s world that haven’t been mentioned before.”

Pearson also tweeted that Hilda will be visibly older in the new season in response to criticism that the show is moving the story forward.

Season 3 of hilda it is set to be made up of 13 episodes. Emerald Wright-Collie will be serve as series producerwhile Monique Simmon was promoted to associate producer.

It is worth noting severalleaks have occurred in late 2021 who shared certain scripts from the third season and suggests that certain voice actors began and/or completed their work on the third season. The Instagram posts also confirm that Ako Mitchell, the voice actor for Wood Man, was back in the recording studio reprising his role as Wood Man.

We also know of a couple of episode titles for season 3, including:



hilda Season 3 will premiere on Netflix in 2023

As part of Netflix’s announcement of its upcoming slate of children’s series and movies, it was announced that “more episodes” of Hilda will debut in 2023.

An exact date has not been announced, but we will keep you informed.

Meanwhile, if you’re a big hilda fan, we suggest you head over to HildaTheSeries on Reddit, a very active community that talks about everything. hilda. You will find a lot of speculation about the third season there, including this post that hopes you hilda will win a long term fear in the upcoming season finale.

Also, in November 2022, a new hardcover collection was released containing the bird parade Y the black hound.

Are you waiting for a third and final season of hilda on netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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