Strep spreads along the same pathways as covid

  • Health is investigating the evolution of this invasive disease after receiving the alert from the United Kingdom

infections by streptococcus A make their way through the population and worry the Ministry of Healthwho has already announced that she is investigating this bacterium with the Autonomous Communities, after receiving the alert from UK. One of the main characteristics of this microorganism is in its ways of propagation, “identical” which he uses coronavirus.

Sore throat, fever and swollen tonsils are some of the main symptoms of this invasive diseasewhich caused the death of two underage patients in Madrid since last October.

transmission of bacteria

The disease caused by streptococcus bacteria is transmitted by respiratory dropletsas well as by contact with the oral or nasal mucosa with infectious respiratory secretions and with exudates of skin lesions. Thus, this pathogen has the same modes of propagation as the covid.

For this reason, doctors recommend going the emergencies in case the symptoms of high fever Either breathing difficulties of the patient worsen. It should also be noted that streptococcal infection can be transmitted to 24 hours after completing the treatment antibioticit is therefore advisable to maintain hygiene measures such as hand washing and even the mask use in case of symptoms.

UK alert

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In UKStreptococcus A caused the death of 15 minors since September, 60 if the deaths of all groups are counted. This situation led the English authorities to issue a health alert on December 2 last.

However, it should be noted that to date, no new variants of this type of infection, the impact of which is generally benign and is corrected by antibiotic drugs such as penicillin.

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