The Government improves the salaries of resident nurses in training


The government signed the agreement through which the resident nurse compensation in training from Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) and the guaranteed minimum remuneration for this staff in the centers of the integral health system for public use in Catalonia (Sicat).

According to the agreements of the Catalan executive on Tuesday, the annual remuneration (divided into fourteen installments) for first-year resident nurses will be €17,160.45 and for the second year of 18,558.91 euros.

With regard to the remuneration for the second year, the government clarified that consists of two amounts: them salary, of €17,184.17, and the additional training diploma, of 1,374.74 euros, i.e. 8% of the amount of the salary.

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That supposes a 13% improvement concerning the remuneration that resident nurses received under the previous Siscat agreement (which employers and unions renewed at the end of 2022) and around 15% for those who were attached to the agreement of the ICS sector table.

This increase also represents the “wage equalization” nurses from specialized formation of these two agreements and the rest of the entity agreements in Catalonia, assured the government.

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