The government increases the Salut post by 1,284 million


The day after the end of the doctors’ strike in Catalonia, the government and the PSC (33 deputies) reached an agreement agreement to approve the new budgets, it will be a boost for Ministry of Health. Thus, it will increase by 1,284 million the budget of this department, which the ‘adviser’ Manel Balcells had already promised two months ago, in health problems. Salvation’s total budget will be 12,212.8 million and primary care will be the main beneficiary, receiving 2,100 million.

According to the pact between the government and the socialists, this agreement should serve to put “emphasis” on the vulnerable groups, “consolidate the measures of emotional well-being” and especially in the attention to the Mental Health young people and adolescents, reduce the waiting lists, manage the “increasing demand”, driven by the aging of the population and “to improve the working conditions and remuneration” toilets, among others.

In addition, the pact should also allow an increase in the weight of the first aid in the total health budget up to 24% thanks to the allocation of 2,100 million in this area. Thus, the long-awaited 25% will be affected: the percentage of total health care that, according to the WHO, should go to primary care.

The pact also aims to gradually achieve the harmonization of salary and working conditions of all professionals in the public health system, since currently those who work at the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) are worse, for example, than those of those who work in the sicat (organized health).

The government and the PSC have also agreed increase by 30 million euros the budget allocated to the mental health and addictions which will mean, among other things, increasing the number of day hospital places and deploying suicide prevention, among other measures. Moreover, others 30 million will be to strengthen public health policies to increase the workforce (up to 485 additional professionals) Public Health Agency of Catalonia (Ascat).

Regarding the waiting lists, 50 million will go to relieve them. In addition, there are also plans to increase the number of specialized health training places, such as those in family and community medicine, and to continue deployment of Law 12/2022 on oral health. In addition, the pact also envisages improving the equipment and infrastructure of the public health system.

Pact between the government and the municipalities

But apart from the CPS, the government has also agreed with To Comu Podem (eight MEPs) another series of points in the area of ​​health to balance the budgets, such as a minimum increase of 279 million of the budget of the first aid, of which 100 million they will improve the accessibility with the objective, before the end of 2023, that “all the people who need it are attended in five days or less” by your GP. In addition, another of the objectives is to put an end to the bureaucracy that poisons the working day of general practitioners: thus, the temporary disabilities (IT) They will also be treated from hospitals.

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At the same time, some 400,000 euros will go to persistent lust and an additional 20 million, to consolidate support measures for youth and adolescent mental health such as the suicide prevention plan, the suicide prevention telephone or the collaboration between administrations. a game of 40.8 million will be intended for the deployment of Law 12/2022 of the oral health and an additional €350,000 will go to increasing the capacity of the public system to attend trans surgeries, for which there is currently a long waiting list.

Another 30 million will be used to make the deployment of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia; 50 million for reduce waiting lists; and a plan for hospitals and primary care centers to improve equipment and infrastructure.

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