the kayak trail and a discouraging fact in the search


“A search was performed with negative results”confirmed from Police Station III of Valeria del María Clarion. This is because on Thursday there was an intense search in the coastal area of ​​San Bernardo for a clue about the possible appearance of the orange kayak with which the friends. Ramon Roman and Gabriel Raiman They left on Sunday at dawn from the nautical descent of Valeria del Mar, the last time they were seen.

This was hope for Román’s children, who told this newspaper that they were “80% sure” that it was the kayak in which their father was riding. Now, without this clue that was discarded, the feeling that the investigation is at zero.

On Thursday, the Román family traveled from the Pinamar dock to the Santa Teresita airfield, where the witness who had seen and photographed a striking object on a flight was waiting for them. we remind you of the missing kayak on Sunday.

The Románs were joined by the Argentine Naval Prefecture, which accompanied them during the afternoon and made the patrols in the area that the witness pointed out.


Ramón Román and Gabriel Raimann met working as contractors on a construction site in the area.

“The search operation for the San Bernardo kayak was negative. A lot of issues are being ruled out, we have our own expertise to work on these cases, although we go to the points that warn us. We search based on drift, tide, wind, etc.. We also pay attention to the family so that they stay calm, obviously, but there were no results so far“, they point to Clarion.

They also express that there is “large amount of resources available”, both private management and public management. And that, from the prefecture, they periodically carry out searches with helicopters and planes that are interspersed depending on their autonomy time. They add that despite the search efforts, other emergencies cannot be ignored and other areas of the Atlantic.

Hopes, after 6 days of disappearance, to persist. And the work to find them will continue without a time limit for the moment.

The search does not stop

In a statement, the Municipality of Pinamar expresses that the operation led by the Undersecretariat of Emergencies of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires together with the Argentine Naval Prefecture, the Argentine Navy, the Federal Police, Uruguayan naval authorities and the Municipalities of the La Costa District and from Pinamar, follow your work.

Photo: Federico López Claro.

“In the last hours, the Federal Police joined the operation a 4×4 truck with full equipment and nine police officers searching the infantry on foot,” they added.

They add: “As for the operation, on Wednesday patrols were carried out with planes and helicopters and patrols by boats and jet skis continue on the coastline of the entire La Costa District.”

Photo: Federico López Claro.

The emergency command center remains located in Punta Médanosand there are security forces, health personnel from the SAT operation together with the provincial Mental Health team in the Critical Incident (dependent on the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires).

This team has a specialized psychologist, nurses and ambulance personnel who, as they emphasize, are in contact with family and friends.

Pinamar. special envoy

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