“The risks of becoming unemployed are high”


Micaela Papiermeister (24), one of the Argentines who survived the brutal crash in Playa del Carmen where five Argentines died, remains hospitalized in serious condition although she overcame a crisis that had brought her to the brink of unemployment on Thursday.

This is what Martín Quiroga, her stepfather, told it, who traveled to Mexico to be by his daughter’s side and accompany her hospitalization. The man recounted the difficult situation that his daughter was going through, who had to undergo surgery three times. ““She is in critical condition, stable but in intensive care.”summarized.

She was operated on three times. As soon as he was admitted he had a perforated liver. They took out the base. She was later transferred to a hospital in Cancun and they operated on her abdomen and they took advantage of that same operation to put some nails in her femur,” said her father.

As explained in dialogue with A24The doctors ask for patience because it was “a serious accident.” Micaela has a fracture of an elbow, three cervical vertebrae, a ruptured spleen and an internal effusion.. “Yesterday was a hard day because her blood pressure went down and the chances of her becoming unemployed were high. They had to transfer her, but the risk is still high,” she explained.

Martín thanked the support he received from the Argentine consulate in Cancun, which cost the man’s trip when it was intervened. Also to the intensive care team. However, she stressed that they are launching a collection to pay for the treatments and stays.

This is for a long time, I know it will work out but it will be a long process. We do not understand times, we are with your strength. But we have to think about what is coming and the economic part,” he said. The alias to collaborate with the family is martinq83.

micaela She is a photographer, originally from Berazategui, and for two months she had been residing in that city in Mexico. Yesterday afternoon she had launched a prayer chain to ask for her health.

“Mica’s situation became complicated. I ask you all to please have a prayer chain for her, in what each one believes, to help her get out of this,” she asked in a WhatsApp status. Lucas Figallothe other survivor, who is stable and already recovering from several fractures suffered.

The car trip he had undertaken together with six other Argentines The reason was the renewal of his tourist visa, which allows a legal stay for six months on Aztec soil. They were returning from Belize, 315 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen, where hours before they had stamped their passports at the border crossing and, in this way, they obtained another six months of legal stay.

Although the hypothesis was that the seven Argentines had paid 10,000 Mexican pesos (500,000 Argentine pesos) to a lawyer for the transfer and processing of the new permit, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo was able to establish that only six had paid that sum. . and that the rest was driving.

Lucas Figallo, survivor of the tragedy, asked for a prayer chain for Micaela.

That institution is still trying to elucidate the degree of relationship between the driver and that lawyer, as well as whether there is any organization that facilitates these immigration maneuvers.

Maximiliano Laviano, one of the deceased, was the one who was driving the truck in which they were traveling at high speed. Upon reaching the vicinity of Puerto Aventuras, an hour south of Playa del Carmen, he lost control and crossed lanes and then crashed head-on. a van stopped on the shoulder. Five died instantly, but Papiermeister was seriously injured.

She underwent surgery on Wednesday, after having spent two days in intensive care, where she is still under observation. Her mother, María de Lourdes, was able to travel to accompany her, even though she is not aware of her. Her stepfather, Martín, was able to arrive in Playa del Carmen today, thanks to the help of the consulate. At the same time, they seek to raise funds for cover the costs of admission to the La Joya hospital in that city.

The post by Mariana Quiroga, sister of Micaela’s stepfather.

As happened with the deceased, the bureaucratic cost is almost prohibitive for their families, who seek economic support in their environments to be able to solve them. Following the consultation of the same relatives and other people, the Argentine Foreign Ministry asserted that it is not among its powers to “pay the costs of repatriation of ashes or mortal remains of Argentine citizens who died abroad” and that, instead, it corresponds to the insurance contracted or the family members to assume it.

Nor does it have jurisdiction, he argued, to cover medical expenses, hospitalization, surgeries or health repatriations of Argentines abroad. Martín Quiroga, Micaela’s stepfather, said that he opened a savings account to receive money in pesos and dollars to pay for health care costs.

The crash occurred on Sunday in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Laura, a friend of Micaela’s family, told Clarion about the rush regarding the collection: “Mica’s parents are two workers. Imagine all the expenses they will have to incur! For this reason, those close to him are trying to raise money so that his father can also travel.”

Micaela studied photography at the Quinquela Martín Institute, in La Boca, before going to try her luck in Mexico. There, in the Riviera Maya, she dedicated herself, among other things, to portraying landscapes and other Argentines. According to journalistic sources in Mexico, the young woman supported herself by working as a receptionist at a beauty center. She now faces an arduous recovery from the La Joya hospital, Playa del Carmen.

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