The trial against Alves will only be behind closed doors when the victim declares herself


Everything is ready to hold the trial against the footballer Daniel Alves starting next Monday in the Barcelona Court accused of assault sexual assault of a 23-year-old woman in a bathroom at the Sutton nightclub on December 30, 2022. In a resolution, the court has prosecutor’s request dismissed and of the private accusation and will only be carried out closed door the victim’s statement.

The rest can be followed in the different press rooms enabled inside the Barcelona Palace of Justice, although it will not allow images or sound of the trial to be broadcast.

The magistrates guarantee measures to protect as much as possible the identity of the victim and his visual confrontation with Alves. For this reason, he will testify behind a screen, to avoid seeing the accused, cabout the pixelated image and the distorted voice“to prevent his image or voice from being subsequently disseminated,” according to the order.

The court also expressly prohibits “the disclosure or publication of information relating to the identity of the complainant”, as well as data thatthat can facilitate their identification and that of their relatives “directly or indirectly”. In addition, she orders that no images of her or her “close relatives” of her who may testify at trial be captured.

In this way, the court wants to preserve the identity of the victim to the maximum of this trial given the media impact it may entail. The media will be able to follow the trial by internal signal, without broadcasting images or sound of the trial, although they will be able to hear the statement of Alves and the witnesses and experts who must compare. Everyone must refer to the victim as “the complainant,” the court orders, without being able to say her name and surname.

Avoid double victimization

In its order, the court recalls that “the publicity and transparency of judicial proceedings is a consequence of the constitutional principle according to which justice emanates from the people and is administered in the name of the King by Judges and Magistrates who are members of the judicial power.” Therefore, he considers this “publicity” of the trial. is not “an obligation in favor of the right to information of citizens, but as a guarantee to the citizen that the courts will administer correctly justice and at the same time as a guarantee for the defendant that he will not be tried in a clandestine or hidden manner.

However, the court also details that “the facts that will be prosecuted in this procedure have an obvious media impact that arouses the interest of the media and citizens, without this in itself being an obstacle to limiting the publicity of the oral view. Given the possibility that “this information resonance” has “serious consequences in the sphere of privacy of the complainantwho could be doubly victimized”, the court adopts measures so that he cannot be recognized.

Where to listen to ‘En Fuera de Juego’

journalists JG Albalat and Guillem Sanchez They carry out a reconstruction of the events that occurred on the night of December 30, 2022 at the Barcelona nightclub suton via podcast ‘On Offside’produced by EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA.

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