The vice president of UFC: “The intention is to hold an event in Spain in the next 12 or 18 months”


The vice president and director of operations of the UFC, Lawrence Epstein, is clear and expressed it during the Fight Week of UFC 298, in which Ilia Topuria knocked out Alexander Volkanovski to proclaim himself champion of the UFC: “No matter where, the intention “is to hold an event in Spain in the next 12 or 18 months.” This was expressed in the preludes to the evening where El Matador made history, so much so that the course of events could accelerate in the near future. “We want to go. This is the plan. We had said it and we are evaluating Madrid or Barcelona. We are planning it right now. No matter where, the intention is to do the show in the next 12 or 18 months. “We are open to all types of venues,” he said regarding the possibilities of landing the UFC in Spain. Both the Santiago Bernabéu and the WiZink Center top all the pools as emblematic venues to host a hypothetical event, which seems increasingly closer. Related News A FIGHT FOR HISTORY standard No The Spaniard Ilia Topuria, UFC champion after knocking out the legend Volkanovski in the second round Álvaro G. Colmenero, special sent to Anaheim (California) In fact, Ilia Topuria referred to it in the press conference after his victory: «Being able to fight at the Bernabéu… Always at the Bernabéu. After that, there is nothing more,” stressed the Hispanic-Georgian. Be that as it may, the UFC’s director of operations was open to the possibility of the world’s largest MMA league debuting in Spain with a pay-per-view (PPV) event. «Dana White likes champions to defend their titles at home. The European market is strong and specifically the Spanish one. For this event it is the second country, after the United States, that has moved the most people. “We know the possibilities and what the fans will be like when we arrive,” Epstein noted. In that sense, that of a hypothetical UFC event in Spain, Epstein assured that the matchmakers “always look for local talent to represent the country.” “That’s the idea. “We would like to add more Spaniards for an event there,” he said. Furthermore, for Epstein, Joel Álvarez will be an important name in the coming times: «We have talked about him. Maybe there could be a chance that at this time he could be in the title race. We know that opportunities can change, but that is our idea now. After El Matador’s spectacular victory over Volkanovski, the inertia of growth in Spanish MMA will be unstoppable, and the UFC directors know it. Spain is an inevitable market that only needs the when and where.

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