They confirm what the nutritionist who died in Mar del Plata had consumed and what will happen to the cause.


The cause of death of nutritionist Florencia Yturrioz, 26, tends to be archived. There were strong indications emerging from the preliminary reports and now the forensic medical team confirmed that the young woman had taken ecstasy and, based on testimonies from those who accompanied her in the city of Mar del Plata during her stay, she had done so voluntarily.

In the samples that had been sent to the La Plata laboratories, the presence of methylenedioxymethamphetamine, an amphetamine derivative that acts as a stimulant and hallucinogen, was detected. The histopathological studies still remain to be known, and if they do not yield results to the contrary, The file could be archived.

In any case, another case could be opened to determine how Yturrioz had access to the drugs and identify who sold it to him. An extremely difficult investigation that would be carried out by the Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office.

When it was learned that the young woman had died due to an overdose (“respiratory failure that could be consequent or subsequent to intoxication due to drug ingestion,” the autopsy report revealed), those around her circulated their doubts, assuring that someone, deceiving her, , I could have drugged her.

However, the prosecutor’s office of Fernando Berlingeri, from UFI 4, said that there was no presentation in that regard. They were witnesses, close to the nutritionist from La Plata, who with their testimonies revealed what they had done that night.

A nutritionist and physical education teacher, she had gone to an electronic party at Mute, on a beach in the south of the city, on the night of Saturday, January 13. Two DJs he liked showed up there. She left the property with the first light of the sun and returned to the Colón building at 1400, between Alsina and Olavarría, which she had rented with friends. They preferred to go to sleep, Florencia chose to look for another activity and I end up going to the beach; It was a few minutes before 8 on Sunday.

This is confirmed in the file by a witness whom he met that Sunday morning at the bakery located right at the entrance to his building. She asked him if she knew about “an after”, they talked for a few minutes and They went to Las Toscas, a beach in the Torreón del Monje area.

“She drank a lot of water – in fact she asked for a bottle to be carried twice – and she was very excited,” said the witness, who had spontaneously appeared at the prosecutor’s office when he recognized the image of Yturrioz in the news.

They were on the beach for almost three hours. According to the testimony, “Florencia did not drink mate there because she knew, being a nutritionist, that it would dehydrate her: ‘What I have to drink is water,’ she told her,” a case source confided to Clarín.

At 10:40, Florencia was back at the apartment with her traveling companions (she had arrived in the city that same week, 5 days ago), minutes later she broke down. Frightened, they called the emergency services and in a SAME ambulance Florencia was transferred to the General Acute Interzonal Hospital, to which He arrived with severe convulsions.

The doctors had to assist her mechanically so that she could breathe. At 4:40 p.m., she died. The cause of it: respiratory failure as a result of poisoning, “an overdose,” an investigation source had confirmed to this newspaper. The result of the rest of the forensic reports will be known in the coming days.

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