Two minors died and 14 cases under treatment for strep A in Madrid


The The community of Madrid has detected, since last October 19, 16 cases of minors with invasive disease streptococcus A, between them two deceased patients and now, after alert issued by the United Kingdom, investigate whether the frequency of these infections is higher than usual. the Ministry of Health announced today that it is investigating, in collaboration with the autonomous communities, other possible cases of infections in children.

In a statement released this Wednesday, the Madrid Ministry of Health explains that the other 14 diagnosed cases, all with between 1 and 12 years old, They are hospitalized with the corresponding antibiotic treatment and evolve favorably.

Streptococcus A is a common bacteria than usual does not cause complications; usually produces a wide variety of infections as common as pharyngitis Either minor irritations that are treated with antibiotics, although it can lead to more serious illnesses such as pneumonia or scarlet fever.

As Health indicates, on December 2 the health authorities of UK published a notification after detecting a increase in strep A infections among minors.

For now, in Catalonia there are no deaths due to streptococcal infections, the situation is also similar to other years.

Nine dead in UK

Data logged by UK health authorities has been encrypted since September, so since this month there have been nine deaths of miners, the latest a five-year-old girl this week, as well as more than 850 cases.

For its part, the General Directorate of Public Health in Madrid is examining the series of cases from the years preceding the coronavirus pandemic to determine whether or not there is a change in the gravity pattern.

The Ministry of Health, through its Directorate General for Public Health, assured that “it is in contact with the autonomous communities and cities collect information on any cases detected in recent weeks and be able to analyze the situation”, so that the health systems are “in a situation of active surveillance”.

How is it transmitted?

This pathology spreads through respiratory droplets, the contact with the oral or nasal mucosa with infectious respiratory secretions or with exudates of skin lesions.

The infection is transmissible up to 24 hours after completing antibiotic treatment.

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The Madrid Ministry of Health recommends following the doctor’s treatment instructions and, in the presence of high fever Yes worsening of respiratory symptoms and decomposition, go to a hospital emergency room.

In case of acute respiratory infection, it is necessary strengthen respiratory hygiene, with the use of hide Yes hand washing. If the child cannot wear a mask due to their age, parents or guardians are recommended to use it.

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