Urtasun transfers its support to the alleged victims of Carlos Vermut


The Minister of Culture, Ernesto Urtasunhas assured on the red carpet of the Feroz Awards that from the department he directs they will work to achieve a “safe culture”after accusations of sexual violence against Carlos Vermut.

“We must always put testimonies at the center and accompany them in all decisions that they want to take,” he stated.

Urtasun has indicated that women in the audiovisual sector “know that They have the Ministry to defend and support them when they report cases of this type”.

The minister has shown his “support” for the three alleged victims of filmmaker Carlos Vermut for sexual violenceas reported this Friday by the newspaper ‘El País’, and recalled that Culture is working on carrying out an Equality Plan.

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“As a feminist government that we are, When there is a public complaint we support the people who report“, he commented.

Yolanda Díaz: “Spain is fed up with sexist violence”

The second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diazhas expressed solidarity with the victims and has stressed that “Spain is fed up with sexist violence“. “This country is much better than all this,” said Díaz.

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