VALENCIA FIRE TODAY | Last minute of the victims of the fire in a building in Valencia


The kings will visit Valencia tomorrow, Monday, to show solidarity with those affected by the fire that broke out last Thursday in two blocks of a residential building in the Campanar neighborhood, in which ten people have lost their lives, to convey to them, according to Felipe VI, that “the mourning of all of Valencia is the mourning of all of Spain.” The head of state reported on the visit in the speech he gave at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), where the welcome dinner for MWC 2024, the world’s largest fair for mobile technology, was held.

At the beginning of his message, the first that the monarch makes in relation to the “devastating” fire, he expressed his “remembrance full of emotion” for the victims, the injured, their families and their loved ones. “The mourning of all of Valencia is the mourning of all of Spain and that is how the queen and I want to convey it tomorrow afternoon when we share there, with the Valencians, their mourning and their pain,” stressed the king, who has confessed to feeling ” Still shocked” by the tragedy.

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