Valium (Diazepam)

Application of Valium

Valium with the active ingredient Diazepam is a drug from the category of anticonvulsants. In addition, the drug has a calming effect and is a tranquilizer of a rather powerful level. Among the indications for the use of the drug, specialists identify such problems as:

  • sleep disorders,
  • cramps,
  • spasms in the muscles,
  • anxiety.

Among other things, the drug always has an analgesic effect.

In medical practice, Valium is most often used for neuropathies and psychological problems’ cure.

Valium in combination with other drugs

Diazepam as part of Valium does not always interact successfully with other drugs. Often, this drug is prescribed in the treatment of alcoholism, in the case of taking the drug for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms the drug should be replaced.

Valium is often used as an anesthetic before surgery. In addition, Valium and other preparations containing Diazepam are often prescribed to patients who have stomach problems, in particular, suffer from ulcers or gastritis. Valium helps to reduce the secretion of gastric juice, so it alleviates the symptoms of the disease. This drug is not very toxic to the body as a whole. However, in the case of overdose or misuse, it is capable of causing significant harm to the body. Valium should be used in strict accordance with the instructions since the abuse of this drug can provoke negative side effects.

Possible side effects of Generic Valium

Among the most common effects, physicians distinguish:

  • violation of concentration,
  • a feeling of weakness and drowsiness,
  • memory losses,
  • drowning sensations and emotions.

Also, sometimes, among the side effects there are outbreaks of aggression or anger, as well as other strong negative emotions, such as panic, thoughts of suicide, etc. These are rare side effects; they are most likely if the patient was prone to suicidal thoughts prior to taking the drug.

Also, the circulatory system can be affected in the case of an overdose.

Overdose of Generic Diazepam as a part of Valium

In the case of an overdose, many side effects of varying degrees of strength are possible. The least dangerous overdose symptoms that occur soon are:

  1. dry mouth,
  2. heartburn,
  3. nausea,
  4. problems with appetite and stool.

In the case of the development of addiction and dependence on this drug, there may be a disease of the urinary or reproductive system, in particular, enuresis and erectile dysfunction.

The most frequent and pronounced signs of a severe overdose Valium are:

  • persistent weakness and drowsiness,
  • aflexia,
  • loss of hearing and sight,
  • problems with clarity of consciousness,
  • problems with breathing and heart work.

First aid for Valium overdose

In the case if the body has already begun to feel the effect of an overdose, it is necessary to give the patient first aid, possibly before the arrival of doctors.

Stages of first aid are:

  1. it is necessary to wash the stomach,
  2. to conduct a diuresis,
  3. give the affected dose of activated carbon,
  4. maintain a normal level of breathing and pressure,
  5. provide ventilation if necessary.

You can use another medicine to stop the drug’s action, for example, Flumanezil. The use of such a drug in combination with Valium is mandatory in conditions of medical observation. It is impossible to apply Valium, and subsequently to neutralize its action in the case you are sick with epilepsy, as this can cause seizure.

Contraindications for Valium

Be sure to follow the instructions, especially if you take the medication by yourself. It is important to reduce the dose at the exit from the course of treatment gradually, as a sharp refusal to take the drug may provoke discomfort and pain.

Do not mix the drug with other strong drugs, as well as with alcohol. This can be dangerous since the effect of the drug in this case is enhanced.

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