Vaping affects oral health


Many smokers turn to vapes or e-cigarettes as an alternative to conventional tobacco. Many times they do not know that this alternative has consequences similar to those of tobacco and that, contrary to what is usually thought, it does not turn out to be a good ally in the attempt to stop smoking. to smoke.

According to the WHO, tobacco and electronic cigarettes cause addiction and lung damage, in addition to posing other types of health risks, it is therefore not recommended to be consumed. In fact, the oral health She is one of the most affected by the consumption of these products, the mouth being the entry route for the substances contained in these cigarettes.

“Vapes and e-cigarettes can affect oral health in several ways: the vapor can dry out the mouth because it contains substances like acetic acid and diacetyl, which are harmful to teeth and gums; which increases the risk of caries and facilitates the onset of periodontal disease. Likewise, both can cause irritation or inflammation of the gums and tongue, ”explains Iria Cancio, doctor on the medical staff of the Sanitas Vigo Dental Clinic.

Regarding the comparison between vapers and e-cigarettes, Cancio considers that “neither stands out from the other, although it is worth mentioning that both contain nicotine, a addictive substance that harms oral health and damages the cardiovascular system“.

In addition, there are currently “few differences & rdquor; with the damage caused by “traditional tobacco & rdquor”: ” tooth decay and stains, periodontal disease, edentulism (loss of pieces of the permanent dentition) and bad breath & rdquor ;.

In addition, Dr. Iria Cancio warns that “they contain more than thirty harmful substances. The compounds that compose them, such as formaldehyde, are toxic in the short term and carcinogenic in the long term.

“Despite the fact that some manufacturers claim they are a less harmful alternative to tobacco, in addition to the fact that there are no studies that support them as effective in quitting smoking, many vapers contain , mostly low-grade nicotine, in addition to other highly toxic components that can cause irritation to the lungs and respiratory tract,” he continues.

Many vapers contain, for the most part, nicotine at low levels, in addition to other highly toxic components that can cause irritation of the lungs and respiratory tract.

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Sanitas Vigo Dental Clinic Medical Staff Doctor

Regarding oral health, the doctor indicates that “the most serious periodontal diseases can cause bone and tissue loss, which inevitably ends up knocking out the tooth& rdquor ;. Additionally, “Gingivitis or periodontitis, if not detected in time, can cause health problems at the systemic level, giving rise to heart disease or diabetes,” he says.

As for the less serious consequences, they aregingivitis and cavities, provided they are detected early, and they can be dealt with easily by taking appropriate measures & rdquor ;. Thus, “caries can be treated by reconstructions of the piece and, depending on the extent of it, root treatment (endodontics) or extraction of the piece may be necessary”, explains Cancio. “Gingivitis is treated with dental cleaning, proper hygiene through brushing and flossing. In advanced cases, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis.”

increase in plaque “is the easiest to contain& rdquor ;, since “it is enough to brush your teeth after each meal, use dental floss, mouthwash and have a regular check-up in a dental clinic”.

Around the smoke on the terraces

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The Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) insists on extending the ban on smoking or vaping in open public spaces such as terraces in the reform of the new anti-smoking law. This ban has been a star measure during the pandemic and SEPAR stresses that it should be a permanent rule and not a temporary one, based on the conclusions of a review of studies signed by José Ignacio de Granda-Orivea, Carlos Andrés Jiménez-Ruiz, Inmaculada Gorordo Unzuetac, Eva de Higes-Martínez, Eva Cabrera-César, Raúl Sandoval-Contreras and Carlos Rábade-Castedog, published in the scientific journal “Open Respiratory Archives”, that passive smokers exposed to second, third and fourth hand tobacco smoke and toxic substances released by electronic devices have a higher risk of suffering from cardiorespiratory infections and contracting COVID-19.

This request is part of the package of measures already presented in November 2021 by SEPAR to be included in the future anti-tobacco law and, this time, this scientific society formulates it after this detailed report by Spanish pulmonologists and tobacco experts, who argue that This measure would also protect hotel employees from the consequences of passive exposure to tobacco smoke and toxins released by vaping, which is It is essential that smokers are supported in their attempts to quit..

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