went to watch the match between Estudiantes and Belgrano


A man who appeared as a fugitive from Justice for the case of Chocolate Rigau – the leader of the Buenos Aires PJ who used debit cards to withdraw millions of pesos at ATMs in La Plata in a corruption case that impacted the Legislature of the Province of Buenos Aires – was arrested this Sundayon the Estudiantes de La Plata field.

Is about Raúl Horacio Boragina, one of the owners of the plastics that Julio “Chocolate” Rigau used, at the time of his arrest. The man appeared with a arrest warrant in force since last November 23, as published by the Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich in a post she made on the social network X.

However, Boragina had been arrested in November and released then by paying a bond of 100 thousand pesos, among others 15 of the 48 supposed employees of the Buenos Aires Legislature who gave their cards to Rigau to raise money.

Sources from the Ministry of National Security confirmed to Clarín that, despite the development of the case, the detainee He was still in the system with an arrest warrant and for this reason the Federal Police acted within the framework of the program Safe Tribuneswhich occurred in the soccer match in which Estudiantes beat Belgrano de Córdoba 1-0.

The program that controls the soccer fields is in charge of franc berlindirector of Security in Sports Events of the Nation, a young man from Bullrich who debuted this Sunday – at the beginning of the Professional League – with a balance of 12 operational of Safe Tribunes that detected 47 people with the right of admission prohibited for the fields and others four with arrest warrantamong them, Boragina.

Inmate in the River barrabrava: 30 detainees

This Sunday the Professional League Cup began and it already had its first incident of violence. It was in the vicinity of the Monumental de River, where another chapter of the internal affairs of Los Borrachos del Tablón took place.

It happened on the Labruna bridge, where the ‘official’ bar and the ‘dissident’ bar led by Alejandro Medina, better known as ‘Ale de Budge’, whose group has the right of admission since last year, crossed. After the incidents, there were 30 arrested, mostly from Budge’s group. According to him, the leader of the dissident faction received several blows and ended up in the hospital, but his condition is not serious.

The incident occurred prior to the match against Argentinos Juniors, after a group of 30 members belonging to a dissident faction ambushed the other who was walking on the highway.

The City Police quickly intervened, made the arrests and kidnapped sticks, stones, knives and other edged weapons.

Faced with another episode of violence in football – and the fact that several of the detained barrabravas have criminal records, the head of the Buenos Aires Government Jorge Macri came out to claim for the treatment of a law of Reiteration.

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